Good story on our man Arland

That’s a great story! What a competitor! If he says he’s gonna shine, I have no cause to doubt him. I feel very blessed and grateful that the two Bobs brought this warrior over here to Hamilton. Alone he’s worth the price of admission. He’ll likely go over 100 yards receiving on Monday just because he’s got that look in eye. The eye of the tiger! Oh, and I love Bart Andrus to no end.

One of the best profile stories about an athelete I've ever read. Edwards outdid himself on this one:

Arland Bruce III doesn't take plays off in practice. He runs every route at game speed and then jogs -- not walks -- back to the huddle. Every time.

And the number of passes he's dropped during his year-plus as a Ticat -- covering more than a hundred practices -- can be counted on two hands.

This work ethic, this commitment to his craft, runs counter to the popular, media-generated image of Bruce: an elite receiver, sure, but also a showboating prima donna with a big mouth and an even bigger attitude, a guy who clashed with coaches and was run out of Toronto on a rail after five years, despite putting up consistently huge numbers.....

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