Good Story on CFL Friday Night Football

Good story from the Winnipeg Sun on the CFL Friday night broadcasts from TSN and Matt Dunigan, Milt Stegall and Rod Smith and how the broadcast work is helping Dunigan deal with his years of head concussions that ended his career.

Whatever happened to Chris Schultz on the panel he seems to have dropped off the radar screen this season?

Schultz had a mysterious absence last year as well. Will be interesting to see whether he returns again.

I believe Shultz has had some health issues. I miss his well thought out comments.

Speculation, educated guess, assumption, rumour or statement that can be supported with at least some evidence? False reporting of health issues of someone or of someone close to them can bring them unnecessary burden. We miss him but needless gossip..... maybe though you can offer an official source.

Go Cats!

mysecondname. I believe is was reported earlier in another thread. Nonetheless, go find the source yourself if you don't believe me.

I believe I'll just stamp your opinion on this subject at being a tasteless rumour that deserves no more attention. TY

I guess you guys don't follow TSN's NFL coverage. Chris Schultz is covering the NFL, and is making his weekly NFL synopsis on TSN.
He's been covering the NFL since Oct 5th

I note that, in the link CFLrookie provided, there is no video, or audio, of Chris Schultz. That would suggest, to me, that while he's still a TSN contributor, he's either unwanted or unable regarding his work on the CFL on TSN game day panel.