Good riddance!

Just saw on the homepage that Edmonton has announced their coaching staff, and Rick Campbell has been replaced by Jim Daley as our D-coordinator. Whoo!!! :smiley:

Its good to see some new faces on the coaching staff, and even better to see the right people (Thorpe, Kepley, Worman, now Tucker too of course) staying on with the organization in leadership positions.

Now we just need to pick up a LB or two from the Riders (hello McKenzie/Lloyd!) to really bolster our existing defensive talent (Davis, Murphy, Guillory, Onatolu, Shabazz),and draft/sign some good acquisitions for the O-LINE (which apart from Kabongo isn't all that impressive), and we're back to potentially #1 contenders in '09.

All is good in Eskimo Country my friend. :smiley:

I'm with you on Hughie Jr. getting the boot, but Jim Daley's last few coaching stints (Winnipeg, Saskatchewan) didn't end on great notes. Maybe he's upgraded, working for the CFL office.

Ah but Daley always had a good record as a defensive coordinator, both in Saskatchewan and in's those 2 times he then got promoted to head coach that the wheels fell off. Besides, with the master in Richie Hall looking over his shoulder, I suspect Edmonton's D to be rather improved this year (although the Shabazz for Ellis trade puzzles me).

He wasn't a good Head Coach... but he's definitely an upgrade over Campbell. I'm willing to give him a season.

the Shabazz for Ellis trade puzzles me AS WELL MY FRIEND … ellis is awesome but also old & shabazz is just becoming great…not sure what that is all about but on the up side , (jesse if he can stay healthy!!) , ellis , mo lloyd!! ,& who ever the rb belle is??? ,esks should be a threat this year…but why get belle??? we have jesse & aj harris…do they think they need a back up when these 2 crash??? time will tell i guess …bad move letting auggie b go though :frowning:

Ellis is only six months older than Shabazz. And I'm guessing Belle was picked up mostly as a special teams player, maybe the third RB in the unlikely event that both Lumsden and McCarty go down. It's pointless to kep auggie around at the hefty salary he was making(reported as being 100K+) when we were planning on picking up Mo Lloyd.

Bell is a fullback. The rest are running backs.

My problem with all these moves is it seems like every season we’re building for that season instead of for the future…

ok thanks for clearing that up .didnt realize shabazz was that age.....auggie...... youre prob right too much money for what we'd get out of him this year....... thought belle was a rb ... good he's a fb .prob gonna need him this year lol.....should be a good bunch of talent.....not like that means anything , we've had talent before & didnt use it ..:frowning: .... ive heard grumblings of mobely wanting to play again......... interesting yes??