Good QB but who the heck can catch a ball for him!

Wow If I was Jason Maas I would sue for nonsupport! Those receivers have got to be the worst I have seen in years. Lancaster made Yeast expendable. Just maybe there should been the rest to go with him. Really the big problem is no receivers! Lancaster is a dope he should have figured that out by now! Who is the GM in Tiger Cat land?

I agree but yet disagree. They have alot of talent on recieving so they all should not be cut. but they cut yeast and then go and trade Cavil so now if Morreale goes down they rely on Ian Fleming. To bad Robert Baker retired because he could have made a great slotback for the cats.

you really don't watch much ticat football ,do you red and white?

Hard to catch a ball that's in the dirt or behind you.

So far you can't really blame the receivers, Mass has been incredibly inaccurate. In the past Mass has been very good at the long ball but he has had trouble hitting the receivers in stride and his short passing game has been full of mistakes. He has had success with the medium range passes (1o-15 yds) but he refuses to attempt them very often. On the TD drive vs. the Riders, I think he completed 4 passes for 10-20 yds, moved the chains and had the D on their heels.

Let Richie go in and throw... You'll see what a mover can do.

Did anyone notice that Williams looked similar to Chuck Ealey in his moves (running style and throwing style)...

It jumped out at me while watching him last game....

Anyhow, yep, Williams looked pretty good.

(for those who don't know and are new to the Ticats and the CFL, Chuck was our miracle QB in 1972....he came here from Toledo and lit up the league......we won the Grey Cup that year.

I think they look nothing alike. Ealey was shorter and took choppy steps and not nearly as mobile. Williams, obviosly taller and takes longer strides and has longer arms. If anything he looks like Roy Dewalt but more mobile.

Besdies, what happend to Eakin?, already forgotten, Ham. really is tough on QBs.

He was in at the end of a blowout game when the DBS were in a prevent defence . It would be much more difficult for him to move the ball if he was seeing different coverages on each down and facing all out blitzes .

If the Cats could of tackled the other night I think we would of seen alot more 2 and outs from Sask.

There is a reason Butler is the # 3 man and has been for 5 years !!!!! But you never would of known that last week . Our defence tackled like Pee Wee league players .

Willie Quinne can catch the ball.

Before this season is over we are going to see Willy
shaking off DBs and snagging balls anywhere near him

and then our mouths will drop open

when we see him speed right past those DBs leaving them in his dust.

Chuck Ealy certainly isn't forgoten eh Mikey?

I remember him well,and I know there was no QB's in the CFL in those days more mobile than good ol Chuck Ealy.

He was unbelievable,but he had a stong team all around him full of character guys .

I very much doubt that Richie Williams is more mobile ,but to even be mentioned in the same sentence as Chuck Ealy is a complement to Richie Williams. :thup:

I agree on Willie Quinne RFTT, .

I think he is hurt a lot more then we know.
If not we are in big trouble for next year.

Not Mikey's Kiss of Death personal QB endorsement.
Brady, Jones, Brady, Hawk, Eakin and now poor Richie.
Pity, he was still so young.

Who is Hawk?

Ryan Hawk.
He had a brief tryout last summer when DMAC got banged up. Mikey planted a big 'ol wet kiss of death on him when he suggested that he would make the team flight out to SSK and dress for the game.

You can figure out the rest, Hawk got back on the Greyhound and went home.

[quote="ronfromtigertown"]Willie Quinne can catch the ball.

Before this season is over we are going to see Willy
shaking off DBs and snagging balls anywhere near him


Good observation. Heck of a player....if he gets the ball.

Trading Ealey to Winnipeg for Don Jonas in 1974 still makes me shake my head. See the worst trade thread for that.

Oski Wee Wee,