Good points about the LaPolice hiring

True, but I do see Wally as being the I'm-the-boss type that would be capable of doing what was done to Armstrong. Same goes for Don Matthews and Rich "fit in or f#@# off" Stubler.

armstrong refused to play cuz doug "whatever u called him behind a keyboard monitor and assumed identity" brown couldnt go... armstrong was also banged up... why not let bowman play.. it was the right thing to do. armstrong said not only FU to coach kelly, but also to winnipeg and to doug brown and other players. im glad simpson is gone too because he was another guy.. hey man, u know what they get paid to play football, sure u hate your boss but u do ur friggin job cuz u get paid, and for these guys for like 6 months? alot of money. DO YOUR JOB AND SHUT UP.. play hard, if not for your coach but for your team.... for the people who pay your damn salary.

armstrong and simpson(to an extent,altho much less distracting)(didnt take place DURING THE DAMN GAME)... are all about me me me. dont be surprised to see armstrong cut by the lions UNLESS THEY REALLLY REALLLY SUCK... he wont back up i dont think. he's either starting or GONE.. that we know of DERRICK ARMSTRONG. ha

side note: armstrong, simpson, sanchez.. whats with older guys wanting to go play in bc for buono who notoriously tells them they arent good enough anymore? haha

and is wally loosing it? lions werent that good last year.. defense was awful... offense wasnt that great.. now signing older players who are losers and notoriously all about them. i dunno.

Buono is tough but fair. Same as Matthews was. Kelly was too cowardly to be upfront with his players and it showed in every botched handling, every playergate, every misunderstanding. Armstrong acted like a tool, but Kelly wasn't blameless in that whole affair either.

.....One of the best things i've heard about LaPolice up to now is his quote...." We will do our best to put this team in the BEST position to win".....I like his low-key, confident approach and he sounds like a man on a mission....Beware of the Bombers in 2010... :wink:

Kelly talked a good game before he took the field too.

....Well i'd say LaPolice has something to back it up.....his offence was in the Grey Cup last year....where was yours.. :lol: :lol:

In the playoffs, unlike yours.

Haaaahhhahaha! Papa and onsee twosee talking smack. Kind of like watching midget porn :lol:

......yeah but that didn't last too long :lol: :lol: much like it'll be this year... :wink:'ve got the weirdest viewing habits hfxtc :lol: :lol: :lol:

If we had an award for the best comeback or best zinger on these boards, that one would win hands down.

first of all michael need to change your name...although lapo is familiar with bish from riderville, i think its the end of the line for the former #7...he's a touch like the ol' gunslinger in that he may get you to the game, but he gonna break your damn heart when you get in the game. that's where the similarities end for QB'S on maroons for the upcoming season..isn't it obvious a trade is imminent for lapo's guy-steven jyles? might be alright with this kid but i'm just not sure he has "it".look for more defections from riderville as any coach brings guys from his previous situation to help in the teaching of said system, #2 qb, i think your #3 this yr is gonna be the guy and they'll bring in a fresh face to learn...i appreciate the thought that i have inside info, i just don't...i know how the game works and alot of the times, coaches look into their past to bring ppl they're comfortable with-they don't have time to get to know someone...having said that tho, it's a damn good thing baressi ain't callin' the plays for you.lapo's attention to detail and knowledge of the game, having not been away like the last donkey you called a HC, will get you at least three wins alone.


......Jyles is a free agent.....there won't be a trade involving him...most likely he will sign on with the Bombers as an fa.....with a little encouragement from LaPolice :wink:

well, it looks like i'm 3for3 as far as defections from riderville go...jyles is imminent...check back three pages in this very thread which date back oh...a week and a half...reed, baressi, now SJ... a major improvement on maroons and sometimes its not always the guy that comes in and pounds on his chest and talks just to hear himself talk(please see most recent HCin bomber history to support that)- but its the guy with the quiet confidence and the guy who wasn't the logical choice that makes fans' dreams come true...expect to host the east semi but not by getting in the back comfortably take silver this season-considering the defending gold medallists aren't goin' anywhere.