Good points about the LaPolice hiring

In no particular order, I see them as follows:

  1. It shows that Mack is not just a rubber stamp for the Board. He did his due diligence, and hired the man he thought best. It demonstrates that Mack is his own man and is in control, and that is as it should be;

  2. LaPolice's background is on the offensive side of things, and that is clearly where the Bombers need the help most;

  3. Being an offensive coordinator in Saskatchewan last season, he had to game plan against Nelson's defence when they played each other, so I'm sure he can appreciate the good job Nelson did last season and therefore be likely to keep him on;

  4. Having been an offensive coordinator, he doesn't have to go out and find an experienced OC (as Marshall would have had to do); he can hire some bright young mind and bring him along slowly in that role, much as Trestman has done with Milanovich;

  5. He's not Mike Kelly.

Couldn't agree more. Finally. I'm excited again. Let's get this thing rollin'

Yup, and since they held the Riders to just under 100 points in the two games, how could he not be impressed with him?

He did a yeoman's job. . . come on, the fact remains that Winnipeg's defence was on the field way too much last season because of that anemic offence.

That final point alone makes me respect him

with nelly being fired, i wouldn't be surprised if kavis reed comes over from the green...they were together not only in riderville but in steeltown as well, good friends.

just sayin'.

Apparently the Blue have asked to talk to Reed...

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How says here in this very same thread, a couple of posts ago(last night-saturday night) that with nelly being fired that i wouldn't be at all surprised if coach lapolice didn't turn his attention to kavis reed-that was the first mention of his name on this thread...let me go one step further and say that i think jamie baressi will be your OC-only in title though because as we all know paul will be calling the plays...every HC wants his own guys, can't blame hire guys to help you keep your job. i'm just not sure that rings true with reed.


What does your Crystal ball say about Bomber QB`s ? Lets say 1,2 and 3 going into the reg season, you seem to have some inside info :lol:

Let’s just say the Bombers merchandising department isn’t working overtime cranking out #16 jerseys…

Careful Artie, you'll break his heart. . .

Oh and since I was the one who started this thread. . .

My point #3 ?

Never mind.

As a true offensive mind, LaPolice will bring the Bomber offense back to respectability. Don't be surprized if LaPolice snags Jyles as a FA, considering he knows the offense. Really, that was the Bomber's achilles heel last year...consisitency behind centre. With an effective QB, the Bombers wouldn't have had the problems with Armstrong, and Romby...both guys wanted the ball, and no one could get it to them. If I'm a WR, I'd be ticked off too!

I would not be surprised at all to see Jyles signed as an FA. However, who was at QB had nothing to do with what happened with Armstrong. The guy refused to play in the first game and it wasn't because of a QB problem. It was a selfishness problem with Armstrong - pure and simple.

Totally agree with the second point Blue Blood. . . Armstrong's release cannot be blamed on the QBing or on the coaching. . . that one was on him and no one else.

As to your first point, I'm not so sure about Jyles. As I think I posted elsewhere, he reminds me of another Edmonton backup who hardly played named Stefan Lefors. And in Saskatchewan last season, all he was particularly noted for was struggling mightily to convert 3rd down gambles. Not much to go on I agree. . .but is he that much better than what the Bombers already have? Guess that's for LaPolice to decide. . .

....Armstrong sulked himself right off the team....Kelly didn't help....but the onus in this case falls to the player...Derick was getting paid to play not coach....IF he tries that crap with Wally....I don't think he'll be in the league too long... :wink:

Armstrong was just a guy who realized Kelly was an idiot, and who let him know it...unlike Bomber hero Doug "I'll keep my mouth shut to keep my job" Brown, and the rest of the team who lost their ability to speak until Kelly was fired.

Revisionist history.

Armstrong was in a snit because he wasn't starting. It's his own fault he got released.

You can blame Mike Kelly for lots of things.

But not this one.

True. Although Wally wouldn't have an assistant coach go and take a guy's helmet away during the national anthem because he wasn't starting....

I wouldn't be so sure about that one. . . I can see Wally doing that ! Remember he once kicked Casey Printers off the sidelines. . .

Sure, but not in response to something that Casey did in practice the previous Wednesday.

Wally has had very few misunderstandings with players about who is starting/dressing, etc. They may not like it, but they know it.