Good place for Als gear?

Hey guys,
I'm doing some Christmas shopping, looking for my dad. I want to get him an Als sweaty but can't find any anywhere! Sport experts, Sports Capsule, Equipeur. All I can find is Habs stuff and Expos stuff. I doubt very much they are all out of Als stuff. Does anyone know any good places Downtown or South Shore?


Happy Holidays.

Last week I went to

La Capsule Sportive Centre de Liquidation
3900 Autoroute 440 Ouest
Laval, Qc. H7T 2H6
Tel: (450) 688-5230

There is a big sale on sport shirts, caps, jerseys, general clothing...(2nd floor is "dedicated" to 'Gades...bought 1 XL Tshirt for 5$...)....but most of the Als gears is gone or too big 3XL. There was a couple of sweaty might want to give a call...

P.S.: Stay on 440 Service route its right before the Chrysler dealership......

Can't help you sorry.

Was in Mtl for Grey Cup, and it absolutely amazed me how all the sporting goods stores in the malls had tons and tons of sports stuff, they had next to NOTHING for the Als, and we were in the Cup for heavens' sake!!

Other than the Als' boutique at Grey Cup village, there was nothing to be found.

Als like their margins :slight_smile: Got to pay for all that talent somehow :slight_smile:

It is pretty sad when it's easier to find Montreal Expos stuff than it is to find Alouettes. :roll:

I believe that Equipeur had exclusive rights to grey cup stuff.
I bought an Als sweat jacket there in Oct and a couple of grey cup t-shirts grey cup week.

The one in Galarie D'Anjou still had some stuff last weekend.... I went specifically to see if maybe they reduced the prices.

Same prices but still some stock

I was there on GC and was mildly surprised that more stores did not have the Als/CFL gear.
But I did find the Reebok store on Ste. Catherine with the entire store devoted to the Als and CFL.
Is it still same for Christmas or is it now converted to the Habs?

i seem to recall during grey cup that the reebok store on st. catherines had alot of cfl swag.

might i ask what a 'sweaty' is? i honestly can say i have never heard of a piece of clothing being called that.

have you looked on ebay? i always search ebay for cfl stuff. i found an old ticats jersey once for $5! there are these cool alouettes buttons on there now. ... 240%3A1318