Good Pick Taman!

Well it seems Taman picked a coach that is much like him! Class less!

In reading what Duane Butler stated about Berry it seems that Berry has the same personality as his GM. And that is not good!

Apparently after the game the linebacker wanted to shake hands and tell him he was doing a good job. And was told too well you get the picture.

Yes the Bombers are a class less organization top to bottom. :lol:

Oh, come on. I'm an Als fan and even I am taking Berry's after-game comments with a grain of salt. The guy lost his cool and said some things he shouldn't have. Big deal. That kind of stuff happens all the time in football, except that most of the time, it's not caught on camera or talked about. Berry is a first-year head coach still learning the nuances of coaching etiquette. I doubt something like this will happen again, and everyone involved, including Duane Butler, should just get over it and move on.

Berry is a good x’s &o’s coach but he needs to learn to relax, that kind of junk won’t work at the pro level.

well obviously it was a good pick to make berry our head coach...and ill tell you why...3-2 is why, and he has instilled something new into the bomber locker room that hasent been there for a couple years--confidence, and a winning attitude

so come tomorrow night, the bombers will rebound from their loss to the als, and beat the eskis again...and they mite be doing you a favour Red, cuz he esks are on ur tail

....and who's whining now.....waaaaay...waaaaay...he didn't shake my hand...good grief...gimme a if Butler was the first player to get the 'brush-off' by a former least he's didn't get the 'finger' ... :lol: :lol:

whats wayyyyyyyyy wayyyyyyy, is tht like no wayyyyyyyyy.....:wink:

yah berry is a bloody baby, shake hands like a man. edited


and you ,rickydonelikedinner, are talking classless.....just cuz you don't like my waaaaay ...i'll give you ....wa....wa that good for you can join the Butler club of cryers... :lol: :lol:

Geez, RW2klast year, I thought I had bad posts, but that one takes the cake.

does the bomber record of 3 and 2, which is the same as Calgary, with the potential to go 6 and 3 after week 9, mean anything to you?

well it should.

as the judge (I don't know his name off the top of my head) in "America's got talent?" said a few week ago.

"are you on medication? you should be!"

I don't like Taman, but we have a winning team. We had a bad game, and now we are a classless organisation? what's up with that?

You don't have a winning team. Your team is one game above 500 after 5 games. Ask Marshall who started 3-1 with the TiCats two years ago...

Its cool for Bomber fans to be excited but it is way too early to call the Bombers a "winning team". You could turn around in a weeks time and be 3-4 and tied with the Ticats for last place in the division.

Berry lost control of his emotions a couple times already if he keeps it up his players will observe and realize the guy is not in control and things will quickly unravel. I want him to succeed but he has to show his players class in losing as well as in winning. He has to stop looking at opponents bench. I would suggest it is better to send the equipment manager with a digital camcorder on air miles a week ahead LOL! At least he's not pounding his facewith his own hands like he was in game one. So looks like he can still improve!

HfxTc, for once, I must side with Kanga. A winning team is a team above .500, be it by one game or by 9. And the Bombers could finish with a 3-13 record if they want, right now, they are a winning team.

Kanga, why would you point out that a team with a 3-2 record has the potential to be 6-3 later? Why not 7-2 (as far as potential goes)? And why assess the potential of where you could be after 10 weeks?

Above .500 seems to be a winning record to me???!!! As for the TiCats, they did end up with more wins than losses that year in the regular season.

I guess it came across wrong...winning record yes, winning team not sure yet...I guess is what I mean. I consider Lions a winning team even if they currently have a losing record.'re confusing the hell out of me.... :roll: :? :?...Kanga can you help this guy out???

You wouldn't know class if it hit you in the face red&white05. Hank Burris, sure a man of his word isnt he.

.......oooooooo.....(lick finger) ssssssssss......

Burris is a man of his word... liar is the one that pops into mind.....

.....guess you never read the stories about how DB and RS treated him then either....oh well, its a good read and ends up being one of those examples of how we in the public don't know the whole story....

that is good advice red&white, too bad your namesake dosn't follow your lead.