Good performances on Labour Day

With the bad, and the ugly, well covered in several other threads, who/what was good on Labour Day?

I’ll throw these out for starters:

Williams again, obviously. He averaged 31.6 on PR’s compared to Owens’ 18
Congi again - 3/3 FG’s and good depth on KO’s
Walker - his second best rushing game - 14/111
Stala - the best performance of all NIP receivers in the game
Rutley - nice catch on the 4th QTR. TD and he bettered Owens on KR’s with a 24 yd. avg.
Bartel - although he had a 21 yarder in the 4th QTR., he was 3.5 yds. better on avg. than Waters
Good hustle and blocking on ST’s – Stephenson and Graham on Williams record-setting TD return
Smart thinking - Eiben jumping offside when the team had lined up a man short in punt formation

All true, but........

in our section, box F, they were all sitting on their hands!
I tried my best to make noise when the arblows were in the red zone,
but when i turned around OUR fans were just sitting there watching!

in my opinion, the fans cost us 10 points

Disagree, never heard IWS so loud in 25 years of going to games.

I must have mis read the title of this post. Chewbaca, the west side of the
field was brutal, the arblows practiced this week with piped in sound, they
must have loved the quietness in the west end when they were in the red zone.
ill say it again Hamilton fans must get football educated

Hamilton Fans have to be told repeatedly, time after time to make noise on Defence, if there not told they sit on there hands. :thdn: Brutal :oops: The only time they were loud was at the end of the game and by that time it was too late :roll:

The flyovers were good!