good or bad?

Coach Miller says Crandall may not play against Eskimos in preseason game. Says playing time will go to Durant and Jyles. They need the playing time he says and he wants to make decision on this. Who is Riders number 2 quarterback?

Good decision or bad?

Durant or Jyles?

I was surprised when I heard Coach Miller was doing this. But after thinking about it I say good decision. Number 2? Durant.

Actually, I like the decision. The backups need playing time , and this is a good time to see which one will step up and become no. 2 on the depth chart.

Great decision....The Schmoes look dreadful, have much to prove and will want to play their "A" game......I say show Edmonton nothing,no need to play Crandell who looks absolutely brilliant in practice, he's a true thoroughbred patiently waiting for that June 28th.home opener where he can unleash his own brand of fury all over Edmonton, until then lets start developing our backup QB.

Im liking Durant a lot.

Awwwwwwwwwwwwww, I wanted to see Crandell play more. But on the other hand, I would hate to see MC get hurt. Besides we will get to see him light the skies for the entire regular season.

Well, we gave up our best defensive player for Jyles, so he will probably get the #2 spot. I would much rather see Durant get #2 though.

Go Riders!

Why aren't they all fighting it out for the #1 spot? Crandell hasn't proved that he is the number one guy for years in the CFL, you have young guys with good arms and good speed.

Good move by the coaches. And I would say Durant has the inside track but it sure sounds like the coach was impressed at how well Jyles came back after the interceptions. Can't teach attitude.

As far as the trade thing goes, I get the impression these coaches don't care as much about saving Tillman's face as they do about winning so Jyles will get no inside track.

I like coach Ken's logic. Remember back when Nealon broke his leg in the first game vs. Toronto, and both Burriss and Butler were hurt? I'd rather him play a regular season game tham get hurt in pre-season.

Not sure what the statement "saving Tillman's face" is referred to regarding Jyles? Jyles will play well and earn his playing time.

Well, Rob Vanstone thinks it is a great idea, so I presume that means it is a stupid idea.........

Anyway, I don't place much emphasis on the injury aspect of this argument. Maybe we shouldn't play Crandell until Labour Day--make sure he is healthy for the stretch run...
Or what if Durant and Jyles both get hurt in the exhibition game, and then Crandell gets hurt in game #1..then we'll have nobody...
Or a counter argument could be made that by reducing Crandell's playing time now, if he isn't in game shape, and sharp in game one when the real bullets are flying, doesn't that increase the liklihood of him getting injured? So I don't think much of the injury part--if you worry too much about injuries, you are not focusing on the correct thing.
On the other hand, I don't mind getting the kids some more playing time. That I like.
And at least Miller is honest enough to concede that this decision leaves him wide open to secong guessing. If Crandell plays well game 1, and/or we win, no one says boo. If Crandell plays poorly, and/or we lose, different story...

The injury worry is a non-starter. Injuries can happen at anytime, in practice, in training camp, in a pre-season game, during a regular season game, during a play-off. The only time a coach should consider benching a player due to injury is in a game where there is no possibility of changing the outcome. I even question resting players at the end of the season.

As far as this game deciding who should be 2nd or 3rd. This shouldn't be a factor in the decision to play them ahead of Marcus. Typically, starters use at least a half of the second exhibition game to get into game mode. 2nd and 3rd string can be determined on the practice field if necessary.

The only true factor should be if the offense is that far ahead in their prep. Based on the comments from Millar and others that seems to be case. But as they say, the proof will be in the pudding. If the riders come out and win game one there will be no questions asked. If they stumble as a result of the poor offense then the riders created the problem themselves. Based on the last years offense in the first 6 weeks they only demonstrated how good they could be twice. They should really consider do they want to put the extra pressure on Marcus. If he comes out slow, there will be the media and fan yelling and screaming for Durant and/or Jyles.

Actually injuries are a concern, with Crandell out we can do much more juggling with our O-line and pass protection in general, besides this, Crandall will be in Edmonton and have a birds eye view of what to expect on the 28th...

My guess is that because we play Edmonton the first game of the season, the coach doesn't want to expose Crandall to a cheap shot from a borderline guy trying to make the Eskimos roster. Seemed that when he talked on it, he put some emphasis on the fact we face Edmonton in game one.

If they have plans of using alot of non-first stringers on offence early and often, I am not that concerned about sitting Crandell. He's not going to gain alot playing behind a second-string o-line, throwing to receivers who won't be dressed in week 1.

Plus, we do open against Edmonton, so if there's an advantage to not giving them some recent film, then that's a good thing too.

I'd much rather have coach know who his BEST options down the depths are. I got a feeling Durant will barely edge Jyles, yet something tells me this will be revisited a ways into the season... just a feeling i gots....

GOD I CRAVE THE GAME..... is it june 28th yet?

It is interesting the theories are now, we play Edmonton first so giving him a spotters position will give him an advantage. That is a crock, for two reasons, one if Edmonton is still trying out players, trying to get reads from the spotters booth isn't going to help much. As there will be more blown coverages and plays. Second, the game plan that Edmonton comes with during the exhibition game is going to be different then regular season. That is why on back to back games it is hard to win as team adjust their game plans.

Now another theory...a cheap shot causing injury. Come on get off the pot. No coach would even entertain that type of player. They know that their starters would be open to hits like that to. Do you realy think that Danny M wants someone bearing down on Ricky, I don't think so.

I just figured since Cates, Smith, O'day and Makowsky aren't in the lineup that the Riders were also worried about Crandell getting clobbered, but what do i know........

well so far in tonights game neither Jyles or Durant have been exciting then again a few od our recievers are dropping balls but its okay we dont have our star recieving core

I think it has a lot to do with getting our starting O-line healthy hence not playing most of them this game. If you don't have your best guys blocking up front you don't want to risk an injury to your starting quarterback.

I didn't think much of rotating the two QBs in and out the entire second half. I'd complain more vigorously, except coach Miller already adressed that in his post game interview and pretty much said he'll never do that again...

[b]So since we got our a$$e$ kicked what do we all think?

I think it is good for a team to win one and lose one in the preseason. That way they at least get a taste of defeat and a taste of victory.

It does seem strange that Crandell wouldn't even take a snap in the game before the Season opener.

Although, if he was on the sidelines watching as intently as an offensive coordinator then he would have a very good idea of what the OC will be watching during the the season opener. That could be a major advantage.

Then again, maybe I do not know what I am talking about.