Good On Ya Rocky B!!

I am a die hard Rider fan and am very happy he lost, but the loss in no way was his fault. He had a great game and should give the TO fans something to be happy about with all the injuries at QB they have had. Before the game I said I hope we win, but that Rocky has a great game. It seems that is exactly what happened and good on ya Rocky. I hope the next ones are all Ws... until you play the Riders again.

Go Riders!!

Butler did look good. Nice to see he has an opportunity to play. I'm sure once Bishop and Allen are back, McMahon will be the odd man out.

He did play a very good game, actually he outshone Joseph really. The interceptions was Frank Murphy's fault completely.

Unless he can adapt to the game faster, you may be right. :lol:

Definitely a good game for Butler. Just over 300 yards and a TD. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I was proud of him … and Dorsey, too.