good on the bombers

Good on the bombers organization for making changes to try and get their team on track. The Rider organization needs to make a change. I personally think Brendan Tanman who left the bombers in a mess is doing the same thing here. The only players he seems to pick up is Winnipeg castoffs. But knowing Hopson he won't have the balls to do anything because he won't want to hurt anyone's feeling because that's the Saskatchewan way!

I think they screwed up letting Lapo go..this team was just starting to turn around with a few key guys back. They had a big win, then took BC the distance. They were a dismal team 2 years ago, all the way to the cup last year. This team was devastated by player losses this off season. Sounds to me like a GM saving his own arse.

Bombers are 2-6 because Doug Brown is gone and they didn't replace him. This is the GM covering his own butt for sure.

lol…because Doug Browns grow on trees, after all… :roll:

And you forgot Before Winnipeg, Taman helped put BC into the bottom of the standings. Honestly, I don't know how that guy keeps getting hired by teams. I hope WHEN he gets fired by the Riders he doesn't show up in Ottawa. He'll kill that team before it even gets started.

I agree! Must have lots of money to keep buying out Head Coaches. I think the Bomber President or Board of Govenors should look at who they hire as GM. First Taman, now Mack, and the Revolving door of Coaches keeps on spinning.

I understand why you all think Taman is so bad but please sit back and think about all the really good players he brought in.

Sheets, Kromah, Labatte, Picard, Heenan, Fulton, Hurl, Willis, Turenne. Honestly he has been doing a good Job of bringing in solid players Even guys like Jock Sanders and Terrell Maze are good pickups! We have a better football team than everyone seems to think. We have been in every game this year! We have yet to get blown out horribly! We have had our chances to win every game, we just haven't capitalized. And that is the mark of a young team.
He brought in a great Head Coach IMO in Chamblin he is doing an okay job! Lets wait for a young/ inexperienced team to get it going. Yes we have lost 5 games in a row GTFO it, it happens! How about trying to support your team instead of calling for everyones head every five seconds!

I agree
This is a rebuilding year…half the players are new. Taman manged to build a Grey Cup contender in Bomber land, and people forget that. Look how much was ripped apart in the off season there this year.

That being said, I still calling for certain heads is fair game with some of the staff in Riderville.

Under the direction of Tanman while in bomber land he was 39-50-1! Since Tillman left and he was left on his on last year 5-13, this year 3-5! As for good players he brought in there has been so good one's which should be expected if your a gm but he has brought alot of bad one's as well over the last 2 years that haven't worked out. I say if we have a losing season this year get rid of him. Numbers don't lie so if you are a gm and you have more losing seasons then winning something has to give!

Sarcasm aside, of course Doug Browns are rare, but the truth is the truth, he was the difference. Other teams win without Doug Browns in their dline. They make up for it on offense or special teams or somewhere else. Winnipeg's personnel department had an expectation to play at least .500 ball with THAT offense and no Doug Brown. When they face planted ... it's the coach's fault?

It's the personnel dept's fault. It's the GMs responsibility to give the coach talent. Does the offense really scare anyone? Look at the Alouettes. Their defense isn't really what it was a couple of years ago, but they still win games. They have the personnel to do it. Even if Shea Emry is hurt, or Mark Estelle, or Anwar Stewart gets old, they find new guys like Ventrell Jenkins, and if they can't find them on D, they keep the rest of the team loaded with talent like Brandon London, Brandon Whittaker. They give Trestman players to win with.