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I just came across this!

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Molson Stadium streak to end By Herb Zurkowsky Sun, Oct 11 2009 COMMENTS(43) The Snap It's never easy betting against the Alouettes at home, where they're undefeated in six games this season.

And it certainly will be interesting to see how the Als respond in their first game after clinching first place in the East Division. The players maintain they won't suffer a letdown, which is what players always say under these circumstances. And perhaps they won't.

But consider the Calgary Stampeders, who have won eight of 11 games after beginning the season with two losses. The defending Grey Cup champions remain a good team, and mobile quarterback Henry Burris generally provides the Als' defence with fits.

The Stamps know Saskatchewan won Saturday night, moving the Roughriders temporarily into a tie for first place in the West Division. A Calgary win on Monday restores its two-point lead heading into a crucial game between the teams next Saturday, at Calgary. Win that one as well and the Stamps virtually clinch first place.

Simply put, the game against Montreal means more to the Stamps than it does to the Als.

Als lose, 27-19.

No retraction or admitting that he was wrong!

Was on his blog... it's just him chatting with people. You should check out one of MOntreal's fine massage parlors :slight_smile: you seem a little stressed lately :wink:

He's almost always I kind of like it when he picks the opposition. :slight_smile:

:thup: :thup: exactly i hope he calls us to lose every game right until the GC :)

Ed Phillion took a shot at Herb for this blog. :stuck_out_tongue:

The man cannot say anything good about the Als

Unless to him, that is saying something good

:lol: :lol: :lol:

10/11 for 2 TDs and 0 INTs in his first meaningful, non-short-yardage CFL game action and Herb think he 'didn't do anything to hurt the team.' Talk about damning with faint praise.

Not sure what he expects an untested backup QB to do in order to actively 'help' the team. :smiley:

Zeke Herbowsky's comment about McPherson was not only gratuitous but could easily have undermined the young quarterback's confidence. Zeke constantly writes negatively about the Als. The Don Matthews era is over. Can't the Gazette put a REAL sports reporter on the Als beat?

I don't know why you guys are down on Herb. I think he's an excellent sports writer. He also tries to be objective, so you're not gonna get any "rah-rah" homer writing.

And don't for a minute think he's not an Als fan...

It was a bit of a backhanded compliment to McPherson.

That said, I have no problem with his predictions.

Chris Shultz makes predictions on every week. When he gets one wrong, does he come back later to retract or admit he was wrong? No.

Perry Lefko makes predictions on every week as well. When he gets one wrong, does he come back later to retract or admit he was wrong? No.

So why should Herb?

Predcitions are what they are. . . predictions, not guarantees; we all make them from time to time, and I'm sure most of us have had our predictions turn out to be wrong on occasion. . .

Now let's beat the Bombers this afternoon!!!