Good ole Hefney

lol. nope, he was cut for a reason.

those 10 tackles are very very misleading.

If they were 10 tackles for a loss or with in 5 yards of the line of scrimmage, id say that was a good game but 9 of those 10 were on first downs or large gains.

Hefney has never been the best cover guy, thats why he gets lots of tackles, cuz lots of qb's complete passes vs him so his numbers while "look impressive" arent at all.

the only guy on your team who should have 10 tackles is your middle linebacker..

hefney is playing very much the 5th db position right now.. db's should not have 10 tackles, usually means they were beat 10 times.

Dresler owned Hefney, was embarrassing! I'm guessing Hef has one more game like that , Huf will cut him !

Shawn Lemon had 9 tackles for the Stamps that game to go with one sack. I'm not opposed to seeing a Dlineman get a bunch of tackles, especially if it means that he's having a great game stuffing the run at or near the line of scrimmage. Yet somehow they still let sheets amass over 130 yards on the ground. As an aside, one play that stood out for me in that game was seeing D'Aguilar come across the field on special teams to knock the Rider returner out of bounds after it was looking like he could break the return. Good hustle. Scratching my head on how he slipped past us into the middle of the 2nd round. He's not getting much time yet but I think he can develop into a good one if he keeps that same kind of effort.

attitude and character issues with d'aguilar, every team passed on him, we werent the only one. even calgary did i believe in the first round.. if he didnt have some issues, he would have prolly gone in the first round but he didnt, he dropped... theres a reason why every team passed on him.

lemon? well thats cool... dline and linebackers ok, but when a db/essentially a db has 10 tackles, normally means he was beat lots. i get people like hefney but again there was a reason he was cut. d'aguilar and hefney? a reason one was cut and a reason why every team passed on the other.

I believe there were questions of him getting a NFL look as well which contributed to the drop, as did Stefan Charles who fell to the 2nd round. D'Aguilar went to at least 1 rookie camp IIRC. Matt Sewell also had a NFL tryout and slid later in the first round than he otherwise had been taken.

D'Aguilar had a couple of try-outs before the draft but wasn't actually signed while both Charles and Sewell were signed to contracts by NFL teams before the draft.

I think Hefney is a a great player. I also think it was a great move by Winnipeg to cut him loose.

Is Hefney even dressed tonight? Haven't seen him at all...of course, that could be due to Montreal's awful O.

He's not playing tonight. Amazing how much better the Stamps look defensively without him out there!

Thanks Snap. I still think its amazing that he's fallen so far already. Not even 30. It's a shame really.

this is what happens when your off season training program includes Drinkin 40's and smoking blunts.

...not to mention the 'me first attitude' and taking shots at the club via twitter...healthy scratch according to the press :roll: AND Mack doesn't know what he's doing.. :lol: