Good ole Hefney

Strange watching Hefney screwing up in someone else's secondary for a change. After watching him play matador in Winnipeg for most of the last two years, it's about time another team was saddled with this guy and his brutal coverage skills.

Huff will straighten him up and may be a impact player for them .

nope, hefney is done, he wont last the season in calgary.

He had an Awesome game, 10 tackles, a few knock downs. :thup: he was all over the field, I am sure winnipeg could have used him ??

Lol. A Ticat fan commenting on what another teams defence could use. :lol:

That is pretty rich, isn't it Kubie ?

We were fine without him. Washington played well in his spot and while he may not be as physical he is more athletic IMO. Desia Dunn had some promising moments at the SAM filling in for an injured Sears, the position he refused to play here but is playing in Calgary. Best wishes to him in Calgary, but we're in good shape.

Meanwhile... I thought all those FA signings were supposed to have fixed the Ticats D - James Patrick, McCollough. What happened TC23? Porous as always. 5 TDs against? Perhaps its the Ticats who could've used his help.

I guess he had his court date postponed ?

Awesome ! 9 of top 11 tacklers played for teams that lost their season opener. Great stat for a DB to own :roll:

Awesome game indeed! Burned for an easy TD, took a lazy pass interference penalty (should have had another as well) and missed tackles to boot......AWESOME!

It was a hearing for which he didn’t have to appear, just his lawyer. His case wasn’t dismissed and will go to trial in August, barring any motions to postpone the dates which I’m sure will be proposed.

Thank you.

Not even midway through the 2nd quarter and they've already beat him for a TD and got him for another pass interference. Awesome start to the game for good 'ole Hef!


-Jonathan Hefney

Only fitting they score yet another TD on Hefney since it was his interference penalty that gave the Riders the opportunity to score in the first place. Who’ll pick him off waivers this time?

I really liked Hefney. What the heck has happened to him?

He hasn't been able to cover anyone for quite a while now. He took an incredible amount of stupid penalties even when he played fairly well. Should have been released long ago.

It's looking like it won't be long before he's released again

Hope he hangs around long enough for the Bombers to play them......our passing game might actually look good for a change.

There is a reason why he didn’t want to play sam lb’er…you get exposed, a lot. Big difference between hb and sam, Hefney is still probably a good hb but sam is a different animal, you have more responsibility to cover both the run and pass, not everyone can do it, like we saw last year in Wpg.