Good news!

It seems Arland Bruce III and Otis Floyd will return for 2011!
A reliable source on Twitter has said the AB3 has begun his off-season training and Otis announced to the media today that he would be returning for 2011!
That takes a massive load off of Obie's shoulders, now there's the question of Tisdale, Nicolson and Bauman.

There's apparently going to be a couple of big DB names in this year's FA.Wouldn't it be awesome if we re-signed Tisdale, and then signed Chris Thompson and Jonathon Heffney?After missing out on Jovon Johnson last year and Byron Parker maybe Obie will be a bit more motivated to land at least one of them.Also, will Will Poole ever return to the Ticats or the CFL for that matter?He was going to be an opening day starter until he asked for his release due to personal problems.

Can you post these tweets???
Hard to believe AB3 has begun training for next year 2 days after the season ended and their at the stadium cleaning out their lockers today...

Also J.Heffney takes way to many stupid penalties! But I would love to see Chris Thompson back with the team...

I take back the comment about AB3, lol. I just read a tweet as well. Sorry.

No problemo, and training for the next season consists of not much more than an average person's workout, except maybe double it :lol:

That being said though isn't it a little early to begin that?I thought players usually like to take a couple months off to chill and reflect and rejuvinate and hang with their family.To me, that shows the Bruce is determined to be the best of the best hands down next year and carry this team to the cup on his back if he has to.Good on him :thup:

Good news indeed,a start for next season.

Tweet from Kate McKenna:
Just at Ivor Wynne- some #Ticats already running stairs in prep for next season.#cfl


That’s an oxymoron, isn’t it ?

AB111 has unfinished busniess, glad to here him and Otis will return.


It would be nice to keep Bauman too. He's starting to become a dominant player.

I also hope Obie goes after Hefney and Thompson.



This is great news!

Glad two core members will be back.

Bringing in Thompson would be the 2nd thing I would do (after cutting DeAngelis), we never should have let him go. Nothing against Mo Mann, but our defensive backs are a lot weaker then our receivers.

:lol: :lol: :lol: ........good one !

Al: Good news for sure. Maybe they know change is coming on the offence. :wink:

For a good number of our players, including at least one mentioned in this thread and others (ahem defensive backs cough) who have displayed frying-pan hands, the best off-season training would be to practice catching the ball. Over and over and over again. Just catch it, and we'll all be so much happier.

I was personally was talking to him today before locker clean out and last meetings, he told me himself he was coming back, as I ask him, do to the RUMOURS people post on here that he was retiring!
Best News of the Day!!!

Great news about Arland and Otis!

Proximity to the headset plant by Marcel after The Play That Dared Not Be Replayed would have hinted at this...LOL

I believe that we don't know the full story behind the curtain. Just a gut feeling I have that the players on offense see what other teams have been running amongst the elite teams of the league and want in on that kind of design and approach to the team's attack. Personality considerations/estimations don't have to factor into it here.

There is a sense that Obie and Marcel want to identify the core of the roster they want to move forward with and make necessary, significant changes to augment it. The internal evaluation of the coaching staff will be made in due course. We should hear some word on the latter by early December, especially if good candidates for any replacements in the coordinator level are readily identified (a Buratto promotion in-house would accelerate that, I think).

Oski Wee Wee,


To continue the positivity of this thread...

One of coach Bellefeuille’s favourite quotes is “don’t mistake progress for excellence?

From a nice piece entitled Plenty Of Positives In 2010 Season

[url=] ... 010-season[/url]

And let's not forget the wizard's, I mean caretaker's words following the Calgary loss at home: :wink:

Last night wasn't a lack of plan or effort ... Neither our offense nor our defensive teams had any confidence in the systems they are supposed to play within