Good News!....

...60% chance of no rain today....

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I am, if nothing else, an optimist by nature. :cowboy:

8) These weather forecasters can't even give you an accurate forecast for even 24 hrs away !!
 Yesterday, they said a mix of sun and cloud, and a high of 24 C.  Only slight chance of rain !!

 This morning they change their whole forecast.

  At least you're right Mike.  There's only a 60% of no rain now.

  It's already sprinkling this am in Burlington !!!    <!-- s:x -->:x<!-- s:x -->

Radar, at 1 o’clock, looks like the rain could start late in the game.

right now its spitting ever so lightly by the stadium.
barley anything but still I hope it doesn’t pick up…

but whatever this game is going to be amazing no matter what.

It's really weird to me how much more enjoyable watching football is in the sun or dark than during an overcast day, it's just not the same feeling. In a hard rain is more exciting than this crap today. Still a great game tho.

Fantastic weather, wife and me were saying this is about as good as it gets weather wise doc and loved it immensely.

I guess we're just on totally different pages, that's for sure. :o

The best weather is a packed house :stuck_out_tongue:

Nicely said Mak. :thup:

I want our house packed every game!

really hoping a lot of those fans that don't usually come out had a great time and will show up again on Saturday. The cats are playing exciting football and its fun to watch and be apart of.

Defense is playing awesome and really great to watch. But o-line and Glenn and receivers, nice!