Good news!

According to RDS, Seagraves is practising at left tackle and Mudge has moved back to right tackle!

Best news I've heard this season. With Fritz on IR and Mudge sidelined, calvillo may get some protection. one way or another, it can't be worst, Mudge was awful. Now, we can see what Calvillo really has left in him.

That’s very good news. Mudge was beyond horrific at left tackle. The relationship between a right-handed quarterback and his left tackle is often overlooked but is extremely important because the QB has to trust the left tackle to make sure he doesn’t get blind-sided. Calvillo can at least see pressure coming off the right tackle but the left is all in the tackle’s hands. With Mudge playing so poorly, I’m sure Calvillo was far from comfortable in the pocket.

Let’s hope Seagraves can do a better job. Frankly, how could he do any worse? Mudge was atrocious.