Good News Thread

Cato practicing with team

Won`t be posting anymore, this obviously is not a fit for me. Apologies to everyone if I got a little carried away.

Stay positive and Go Als Go!

(1) That doesn't strike me as good news.

(2) I used the title to tease the news on Cato, not as an broad based topic.

Maybe he does not like positive posts either.

Say what?? Almost eight years on the forum and 3640 posts later, you suddenly get super-sensitive to the quick-trigger snipes that often appear here?

I didn't last very long here before attempting a "goodbye" but some kind posters convinced me to stay. I must add that age and typing skills will keep my posts well under 3640. Also, I had to come to grips with the fact that Americans will always play second-fiddle here. You all love our skill players but disrespect interloper fans like me. If I can take it, so can you.

Now, for goodness sake, sign back on and tell me why your handle is "idealsheldon".

I hope you will reconsider your decision,Sheldon; your informative and constructive comments are needed on this forum.

Have a nice day.

Richard did not get carried away at all.

There seems to be directions by some to not render a different view, to not copy a post so they don't have to read them, just generally to dictate the flow of things here.

Very juvenile and tiresome.

@MTLAlouettes: Until further notice, the stands will be closed during practices. #AlsMTL

Whic one of u members has been spying!!

Marsh likely took 1st team reps on Sunday and Monday. If the same happens on Tuesday, could be that Marsh will actually start on Thursday.

Could speak to Cato's actual health. Whatever, it makes BC prepare for Marsh, for whom they have little "tape". Tanner needs the reps while Cato needs to get healthy. My gut tells me that we will see both Thursday.

Do we have actual confirmation that Marsh took first-team reps? The only thing I could find was the brief RDS post that Cato was practicing with his teammates, and if he's healthy enough to practice, surely he'd be taking first-team reps.

Here's a tweet from Herb.

Cato's practising, but Tanner Marsh is taking first-team reps with #Als.

[url=] ... 3820407808[/url]

I don't understand this. If Cato is healthy enough to practice, why isn't he getting the first-team reps?

[i]No way Sheldon! We'll have to Al Pacino you if you leave :smiley:


Well Johnny then I have a job for you!. I want you to do a number on the no yards cry babies in the Tiger Cat forum. Be careful though, don`t want the Caretaker to take you out!

Because the word on the street is this. On the Hebert penalty the refs marched off 2-3 extra yards. Medlock`s FG was 49 yds., might not have made a longer one.

This is from Popp, can`t be sour grapes, we won the game.

[url=] ... t-1.353998[/url]

It`s at about the 28 min. mark.

Heureux que la pause ait été de courte durée! :rockin:

So we're ranked 6th in TSN's updated Power Rankings for the second straight week, behind Ottawa at #5. Please tell me how Ottawa, which is 1-1 in the past two games and scored their win by beating up on the league's worst team at home, is above our Als, who are 2-0 on the road in two extremely hostile environments. I mean, beating the Cats on their own turf and ending their undefeated streak at THF with our #3 QB and after having fired our head coach is nothing??

Jay Turnbull ?@TurnbullJay
#Alouettes’ coach Jim Popp says QB Rakeem Cato went home for personal reasons and they expect him back shortly. #cbcmtl

Didier Orméjuste ?@DidierRDS
Cato (personal reasons) missed practice. He should play on Thursday, but all indications are that Mrash will start. #Alouettes #CFL

Les classements de TSN sont souvent étranges. Il ne faut pas y accorder trop d’importance.

Il demeure que les Afro-Communistes ont une fiche de 5-4 et que les Alouettes ont une fiche de 4-5, sans compter qu’Ottawa a gagné ses deux parties contre Montréal. Certes, battre les Roughriders avec une recrue comme partant n’est pas un grand exploit, mais c’est aux Alouettes de montrer qu’ils méritent un meilleur classement.

Oh, that's certainly true, but if we're just going to go on record and head-to-head, why even bother with power rankings at all? You know what I mean? :wink: