Good News Sciortino's back

Great news for Ottawa fans Sandro Sciortino's back. Was a big fan of his at Boston College he is a great kicker and a great person. Somehow I' am slowly becoming an Ottawa fan. Still mad they cut a great CFL style qb Paul Peterson.

They had to get something right one of these times! :roll:

Good for him!!

That's good news. he struggled in his rookie season, but i guess we know why with the cancer that he had. he has a strong leg and could develop into one of the best kickers in the league.

And about Peterson, the reality is, he wouldn't have gotten a chance in Ottawa. If he was as good as you say he is, i'm sure another team would have picked him up.

I know Paul Peterson is going to play this season. He finished out the year coaching at his old junior college and is looking to play in arena or CFL. Ottawa was looking more for a run qb, than a more complete qb like Peterson. Peterson and Flutie are the same player, went to the same college, only know how to win when the games on the line, and both can throw on the run.

I'm not sure how I feel about this one. Kellet is a quality kicker, but if he's going elsewhere, I guess Sciortino is a good option, although I don't know his history with Boston.

is kellet that same guy who could only punt about 25 yards?

Hmmm I wonder if Wally would bring Kellett back for Field goals and let O'Missy concentrate on Punts!

Esks might be looking for a new kicker, since Fleming is thinking about retirement( I really hope he doesn’t, he’s an eskimo legend). It could be possible that we’d go for Kellet.

Well considering Kellet isn’t a punter, i’d expect that.