Good News on the Oline

If the glass is half full,then the injuries to Marwan and Peter may make us better down the road.With starting rookies Pascal Baillargeon and Cody Husband at the guard positions against the Lions, the protection for Hank was good.Husband has the size to play tackle while Pascal has a nasty streak at guard. Jason Medeiros and Moe Petrus are in the pipeline for next year, along with possible 2013 draft picks: CFL Scouting #4 Matt Sewell McMaster 6'8" 340
#6 Corey Watman E.Mich. 6'2" 294
#9 Brett Jones Regina 6'2" 310
#13 Brander Craighead Tex El Paso 6'6" 280
#14 Nolan MacMillan Iowa 6'6" 290

Simmons and Dile are serviceable at tackle, presently.They may improve with coaching and experience but neither dominates in the run or the pass.#55 Tim O'Neil has filled in well at centre just has Doug Legurski has with my Steelers. To paraphrase Keith Jackson, we need some Big Nasties on the Oline.Given my druthers,I'd like to see an all Canadian Oline in 2013 if the talent is available. That last statement would come as no surprise to regular readers of the forum. You are only as good as your Canadian talent and the Oline is a good place to show it.

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

Excellent post, thanks Pat!


Milton's article on the OLine: ... nd-rookies

They played well last game. Hopefully O'Neil is able to play on Saturday as sooner or later the injuries will catch up with them.

Obie has been here long enough that we should have a four or even five N/I OLine. There were a couple good ones available high in this past draft.

While the o-line isn’t horrible, it’s also not great. Not enough holes opened up for the running game, and they seem to break down too often when there’s a shift on.

Interesting point in the article was that if O’Neil doesn’t play, “five of the six offensive linemen the Cats would dress Saturday are in their first year of active duty. ‘And I’m only in my second,’ adds left tackle Brian Simmons…” So while their inexperience may explain some of their shortcomings, given that their playing as well as they are does bode well for next year. Here’s hoping that O’Neil is ready to go Saturday.

On another topic, it sounds like both JJ and Knowlton may be starting this weekend. That definitely improves our chances. And we REALLY need to win this game; however, McElveen wasn’t practicing, which makes me wonder, do we actually yhave anybody left on the d-line?

This Saturday our o-line will all be rookies and one yearers, I can see Burris running for his life and throwing picks

along the way. :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

Calgary’s defense is licking it’s chops. They can almost taste Burris’ ribs.

The O Line is very young. Import Simmons at LT is in his 3rd pro season one NFL TC until last cuts and this his 2nd in the CFL. RT Import Dile spent 3 seasons in NFL camps and practice rosters bfore coming this season. I do not know what the status of Import Nick Hennesey is but he has also spent from 2000-2011 on NFL Training camp and practice rosters CFL practice rosters and some games in the UFL. So although all three are uong they are all heading into their 4th pro football season jsu new to the CFL. The Ti cats do have the flexibility to start 3 imports on the Oline if needed depending on Henneseys status or performances lately. Just browsing through the non imports all the rookies playing were draft picks so they have the ability.

They do have a chance with these young Canadians and there are several good O lineman in the draft. As Toronto found out going with an all Canadian line just for doing it does not work. However the Canadian Lineman have began to take there game to the next level with many spending time in the 1st and/or second years in the NFL training camps and practice rosters and many are beginning to show the ability to begin to secure starting roles outside the interior at RT but playing LT the QBs Blindside will still be better served with an Import. You see a a lot more Canadians playing RT then ever before and I think the trend especially with those who have been with NFL teams or have started at Tackle at top NCAA schools.
I can see the trend becoming 4 Canadians and one import at RT with even the rookies from the CIS have been able to make the transition from University to the CFL on the interior very quickly.
The Cats are one of those teams with the personnel if healthy next season be able to do that.
Currently Sask and Calgary have been very successful with this and the Esks will most likely be starting O'Donnel at RT next season and leaving Orrin Thompson with NFL experience atthe Left tackle spots able to pick up fast DE pass rushers.

I meant one experienced Import at left Tackle.
With the bigger Canadain QBs coming out of University being of 6’8" like O’ donnell having them start their careers at RT will be plenty enough to handle with the speed of the import DE pass rushers