Good news for Toronto Fans - Washington Commanders sale

Here’s some good news for the CFL and especially Toronto fans

The Washington Commanders will soon be sold to a new owner, and sources say Snyder could land on who he’s picking within one to three weeks.

Multiple sources tell CBS Sports there are as many as four bidders at this point for the team. Josh Harris and :canada: Steve Apostolopoulos have agreed to reach the magical $6 billion mark, according to ESPN, and Tilman Fertitta remains in the mix, though he has yet to make an official tour of the team facilities.

6 Billion American dollars for an NFL franchise or $ 7 . 5 B Cdn . Toronto hopes for an NFL franchise are dead ! A new stadium would also be a requirement . Football fans in Toronto have one pro team to support . :+1: :+1: :+1:


The only slight worry is an asshat moving an existing small market team to Toronto


they get support from somewhere to build a private stadium that involves a great real estate joint venture project that involves housing , retail , entertainment etc … .

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If the NFL allows a team to move it will be to London England , Munich Germany or Mexico City , The cost will start at $ 6 Billion American . Forget about Toronto !

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They keep pushing the CFL away from Sundays .

It has nothing to do with marketing or good business practice in fact it is the opposite it’s an aggressive approach to depreciating any value to the domestic pro sports content .

The first thing done was to remove the daytime can con with protected the CFL and daytime can con but it hurt all weekend Canadian sports content not NHL or MLB (jays) they already have a hold on night time content

to circumvent the reliance on cancon regulation like a lot of summer /fall Canadian amateur content not just the CFL .

Domestic Media is essential to sports in Canada to succeed .


The NFL stadium district for a possible Ontario NFL team ,

is a slam dunk for any real estate investor who wishes to be part of that exclusive club of NFL elite ownership .

The new stadiums built whether private money alone or a public /private enterprise will love Sunday NFL football which has zero effect of the CFL presence even though it will end the CFL without enough corporate support .

There is plenty of money for the NFL you would be surprised .

They would rather travel to Toronto than Europe .

The NHL Ottawa Senators is a chicken feed and look at the small market interest .

The big time money being thrown at it ;

is a true test of what is out there today for the NFL which is the king .

"They would rather travel to Toronto than Europe ". The NFL has been travelling to Europe for years . Travel is not a problem . It’s money that’s the problem . An NFL franchise now starts at $ 6 Billion plus a new stadium . Munich already has the stadium as does London . Toronto doesn’t have a stadium . The SoFi Stadium in the Los Angeles suburb of Inglewood, California opened in September 2020 for an estimated cost of 4.9 billion U.S. dollars. The 70,000 capacity stadium is home to both the Los Angeles Rams and the Los Angeles Chargers. Translate that to Toronto dollars ( $ 6 . 125 Billion stadium and $ 7 . 5 Billion for a franchise)
What company could write a cheque for $ 13 . 625 Billion ??? Fagget about it !

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I believe it’s a Canadian wanting the Washington team with a 6 billion bid . I don’t believe he wants to move the team .

I wish money was a problem Pat but we were very close to Buffalo coming here not long ago .

There is big money here that want in on the NFL elite class and the CFL was one of the big barriers to that dream .

Since then have you noticed the Canadian league has transformed a bit since then with business practices with the NFL with media giants .

The real estate tycoons that have rich investors that like to build these entertainment districts will salivate for a stadium district and the NFL . This is an opportunity not a barrier for the wealthy .

I see a path forward once the CFL is moved into it’s little niche spot that has little cross over to the NFL schedule .

The building blocks are evident and removing border barriers such as the CFL is one them .

The greater

Toronto area is getting way too big too ignore as a potential market .

Toronto is not the centre of the universe , although Torontonians think so . Paul Godfrey tried 35 years ago and nothing has changed for Hogtown .

Oh I agree fully

I am not in favour nor want this but I do see a pattern .

I wish it was long gone with Buffalo getting a new stadium but a new NFL franchise move up to eastern Ontario towards the Toronto Side of 401 would remove the distance from the souther Ontario border and put it within reach for both southern Ontario fans and Quebec .

Going north up the 400 is not practical imo but they do insist on moving transit further that way so there is that .

The Buffalo owner said they would not intervene so I gather the spot(s) chosen for potential locations are far enough away from the border at Niagara Falls and their market being effected .

It’s one of those I hope I am wrong but I see no removal of an appetite for the NFL at all I see an increased interest and potential removal of barriers as key chess board moves .

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I agree that the CFL is heading to a season with little crossover with the NFL - I see a CXFL merger that is being prompted by Genius Sports and the need for content for gambling when the NFL is not playing. 3 down football is great but most of the degenerate gambling types understand 4 downs - so I think that 4 downs wins out just our of standardization of the gaming and wagering options.

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“The Buffalo owner said they would not intervene”. Is that like the support Hamilton got when trying to re-enter the NHL ? What percent of Buffalo Bills fans are Canadian?

In fact, 15 percent of the Bills’ season ticket holders are from Canada. What business is willing to lose 15 % of its market share ? Terry Pegula didn’t become rich by giving his money away .

Well you would have to talk to Pegula about that he was the one saying it to reporters back in 2015 . He had no problem with a Toronto franchise .

I would think he would say nyet no way but he didn’t maybe he was also using Taronta as plan B if the stadium deal was nixed .

Or maybe he was appeasing Rogers when getting out of the Bills series who knows .

But he did say it .