Good news for THF concessions?

Tweeted by the Ticats:

The #Ticats and @LevyRestaurants are hiring gameday staff. Job fair this Sat. @ 1 Jarvis St.


Does this mean they will be handing over the concessions to Levy for the last games of the season? :cowboy:

pretty sure Levy has always been handling the concessions all season. I mean they've had the contract for it, why wouldn't they.

I think this announcement comes for one of 2 reasons.

  1. They are preparing to open the upper west side and need additional staffers for those concession areas


  1. They realize lines and wait times are too long and require additional staffing at the existing concessions stands that have been operating on the lower levels.

Hopefully its a combination of both of the above.

And perhaps some of the kitchens will actually be operating so they can start hiring people to cook some of the menu items we have yet to see - at least on the east side. Pizza and popcorn is OK - but after awhile .....

Pizza, popcorn, beer...........there are other food items? Oh yeah, wings

Why wouldn't Levy be doing concessions? Probably because they did not have access to the kitchen equipment, and could only access the concessions for a twelve-hour period each weekend. all the food so far has been pretty much brought in pre-made (not sure about the suites and club seats).

If they are hiring that many more staff, I have to think they are getting ready to start on-site food preparation instead of just reheating pizza and nachos made off-site. Good news! :rockin:

yes but my point was it was Levy employers still running the bare bone concessions and they were the ones reheating pizza and nachos aka they were always the ones running the concessions. just now they will have full access to the kitchens

And I was wondering why the handle "Wheezer" LOL

Does anyone know if they had Hot Chocolate last game or if they will have it on the 8th? I don't drink Tea or Coffee and couldn't get HC at the cold game :smiley: