Well , it is the only good news after being blown out by B.C. 28 to 8 :thdn:

We really need a new 0-LINE and maybe a new coach. :thdn:

28,000+ , the highest crowd of the season WITH OUT RICKY and on a SATURDAY night in JULY :thup:

Next we get MONTREAL at home with only 4 days rest. :cry:

We don't need a new coach we need somebody like Casey Printers to back up Damon Allen and to take over from Allen when he retires!.
Its highly unlikely but Go Argos!.Aucklander :thup:

Casey Printers is done, gone to the NFL.

Don't give up on Spergon Wynn yet. Tes I know he only won 2 games in Damon's absence. I beleive He has potential to be more for you guys.

I was there on Saturday.

It was a good croud yes too bad half of them left at the start of the 4th quarter.

The good news is that Damon Allen came back and shook off the rust. Also, BC is a great team, their defence can make anyone look bad as they did to the Argos.

The bad news... Their next opponents :o

It looks like any news the Argos have right now is bad. Damon's finger is still sore and probably will remain so for weeks to come, especially if he tries to play through it. The OL is beat up with Bernard Williams suppose to be playing with a bad shoulder, Jude St. John with a bad ankle and Jerome Davis out with a bad ankle. The RB's injuries have been well documated, but I would like to ask Pinball and Kent Austin why they haven't given Sean Bennett a chance in the backfield. He was a RB at a Div I school in the NCAA is 6'01 225 lbs with 4.4 speed and played 2or3 years with the NY Giants before coming to Ottawa. You would think he deserved a chance to show what he could do.
Spergon Wynn looks like he has lost any confidence he ever had and I agree with the thinking of bringing Crouch along slow so he doesn't get his confidence ruined by being force fed to the Lions so to speak. Easy to see why the Argos were trying to get Flutie to come in for a month or six weeks to get them through this tough stretch.
It looked to me that last night the defense just said screw you Kent Austin, its a hot night and we haven't got a chance with Wynn at QB. A little dangerous as it could cost some of them their jobs but it one way of making a statement.
Some of the receiver's didn't look to be extending themselves and Prefontaine punts were bad by his standards. The team looked to be in mutiny. Football's an emotional game and if you don't have it your going to get steamrolled, especially by a talented team like Montreal. I would say everybody on the field last night knew what was going on, that the team was sending a message to somebody. Somebody made a bad mistake in the off season thinking Wynn could be a capable back up for Allen, especially giving up a chance to pick up an experienced Canadian lineman like St Germaine from Ottawa. I would say that was Adam Rita and Kent Austin. Somebody generally pays the price for such decisions in football and with the Grey Cup in Toronto next year I would think the owners would being getting a little antsy with the direction this team seems headed.

are you kidding me, Argos need a new back up QB... Spergon Wynn can't get it done in the cfl as a back up... He has had so many chances and hasn't gotten it done yet... He has had what 5 or 6 games to prove him self just face it besides Allen Argos got NO ONE

argos should try n pinch buck peirce from bc, he has mad potential

wut r u guys gunna do when damon retires:O

Jason Maas should be a free agent by then. :stuck_out_tongue:

I wouldn't give up on Spergon Wynn just yet. True, he hasn't impressed this year, but I don't think Austin gave him a good gameplan at all. With a young QB, running the ball effectively is a must to take the heat off and prevent opposing defences from teeing off on him. Austin never tried to establish a serious running game and that, I think, is part of the reason why Wynn has struggled. Experienced receivers dropping balls left, right and centre doesn't help either.

Looking foward to our Saterday Clash…

And Ticat WIN…