Good News for Stamps

They have now officially shed the choker label.

To choke you need to be the best who under performs at the wrong time. They are now clearly the 2nd best at most, so their annual playoff loss will be a little less dramatic. :wink: ;D ;D, true probably...itโ€™s a tough pill to swallow gettin bare-bummed spanked like that...I hope the lesson hurts and is remembered when the two teams rematch in the playoffs...revenge is a dish best served cold...

They ain't rematchin in no playoffs !

They not only got bum-spanked - THEY GOT VEGETABLED!

Only positive - and their weren't many - was their front 4 D stood up to the Sask'n o-line bullies and held Cam Marshall to a couple of zero yd and 1 yd carries. Stamps d-line is now the best part of a descending team.

Winnipeg, Montreal & BC probably the only 3 CFL teams incapable of thrashing up the once-mighty stumps!

....have no idea what that means

....the stamps D was the only thing the horsies had going for them last night with an anemic offence and a terrible special teams...

It seems Little Bo Tweet
forgot to wear his chasing cleat.

Despite their record the Stamps have not looked good the last several games.
In fact, BLM is playing rather poorly for his/any first string QB standard.
Yes could it be again this year the Stamps with the best record may not make it or will lose at the big dance?
I bet they will lose the West Final.

It could definitely well be the case. We'll have to see if the Stamps can come up with some adjustments to get their fire back. For Stamps fans, maybe losing big now will be the wake up the team needs to not take things for granted in the playoffs.

This loss means nothing.

They will still finish first.

BTW, I do not believe in choking.

The other team just plays better

Try telling that to B.C.

A late season wakeup call may have been good...they seemed a bit complacent lately. Also...Bo says the shoulder is good enough but it seems like it is affecting him more and more.

Teams need to win their own games and not depend on other teams doing their work for them.

You want to take away the one thing the Stamps are consistently good at?

LOL, that was actually pretty funny.

BTW, just finished watching the Esks - Lions.

I retract my " choking " statement.