Good news for OUA Football Fans

OUA football is going to be back on CHCH TV. It's just for the playoffs this season but it looks like they may have a game of the week next season. :thup: So thank-you CHCH and go F yourself Rogers.

Global is carrying the CanWest playoffs and hopefully a game of the week next year also. Shaw currently has a GOTW and while Mullin et al do a great job I'd like to see them on a network. If the Global and CHCH ideas pan out we may yet see Mullin and Dube launch their Northern 8 project.

Here's a look at the new Richardson stadium at Queen's. It's going to have 10,000 seats with possibilities of expansion. It's starting to look good with the steel frame being erected. ... on%20.aspx

That new Queen's stadium is very impressive .

Impressive no question and nice that there is no track around the field!

After it is built an exhibition game with the home team RedBlacks would be in order .

Richardson Stadium is coming along. The floor for the seating is over half done and steel is being put up for the press box. :thup:

You have to wonder if Univ. of Toronto or York football programs start becoming more popular with students and others in Toronto, operative word of course 'if', if some games might be played at BMO Field to handle a large audience. Although I doubt that will ever be the case.

Looks great wish other CIS stadiums were also getting a stadium this good .

Here's a live look at the nearly completed Richardson Stadium in Kingston. It's starting to look good.

Looks great!

Fantastic stadium . Looks like they also have a pretty good practice field as well just off to the right .

FYI cost for new stadium is pegged at just over 21 million. That gets you around 9,000 seats with possibilities of stadium expansion. They could possibly expand it to just under 20k for special events i.e. Vanier Cup according to original plans.

Sadly - with recent downsizing at CHCH - I was wondering if this was still happening for the regular season in 2016. So I emailed them and this is the reply I got.

Hi Patrick!

Thank you for your email….it’s not official, we’re still working on the broadcast contract and sponsorship.

At this moment, we’ll probably carry the playoffs only with the plan of expanding the coverage to broadcast regular season games in 2017.

TV Announcers will be decided by the OUA office with some input from us of course.

I hope that helps answer your questions.

Best regards,

Romen Podzyhun

Romen Podzyhun
Channel Zero Inc.
2844 Dundas St. W, Toronto, ON M6P 1Y7
T: 416.492.1595 x 226

Channel Zero Inc is the parent company of CHCH.

Looks like everyone will be able to see the "new" Richardson Stadium opener on Sept. 17th City Tv will carry the game live. :thup: