Good news for ottawa?

Lowell Green says today that a group of people ,local people are willing to take lansdown off the city’s hands and redevelop the whole thing , including a CFL team. Lowell says he knows some of the people involved and says these people are for real. Sports people and very ,very deep pockets. They want to buy it for a dollar or a 99 year lease. But your clown council I will bet will nix the idea. Phone them now and get on their case.

CBC throws in:

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Ottawa's mayor says he has been in close talks with a group of investors interested in bringing a professional football team back to the city.

"It's a group of very high-quality, very, as they say, deep-pocketed Ottawa businesspeople who have a reputation for being very astute," Larry O'Brien told reporters Monday afternoon. "I've talked to them. I've talked to the CFL."

He added that the group members interested in a Canadian Football League franchise have asked that their names not be released yet, but he thinks they will release their identities within the next week or two.

O'Brien made the announcement at a new conference about the detailed engineering report that recommended demolishing or fixing the lower south side stands of Frank Clair Stadium in Lansdowne Park, which were deemed at risk of collapsing due to structural deterioration.

The stadium was the former home of the Ottawa Renegades. The CFL team played there for four years until 2006, when the owners shut it down while searching for a new owner. However, talks between prospective owners, the CFL and the City of Ottawa have never yet yielded an agreement.

O'Brien said he favours knocking down the lower portion of the south side stands of the stadium, given the findings of the engineering report.

"I think that's very clearly something that would be the safest thing to do, it's something that's got to be done. Let's get it over with," he said. "And then I think we should open up the field to see who wants to be involved in redeveloping Lansdowne Park."

That includes the new prospective CFL team owners, who are interested in redeveloping the park "in a way that would maximize the return to the citizens of Ottawa," O'Brien said.


...this is the highest my hopes might have to fall yet, regarding a new Ottawa franchise.

C'mon, powers-that-be, throw ol' Dmont a bone!

the league mismanaged the return of cfl to ottawa. gave the city a grey cup to make them viable and still failed.

do not go back again with out a new stadium deep pockets and 30k season ticket holders.

unless these conditions met no way. team with this much tradition and the city lets it go, not once but twice does not deserve another chance!!! not enough people care.


Yeah! Set an impossible standard, then screw the fans if they can’t meet it! They should sell more seasons tickets than they actually have seats, otherwise screw 'em!!

The city is just at fault as the league and former owners. Give these people what they want and it will be done right. The city should not be involved in venues like that.Just like ottawa housing, that to need to be given to the private sector so the elderly in ottawa can live in dignity and safty.

Ok. Going by the same standard, we need to revoke Toronto, Hamilton, Montreal, Winnipeg, Saskatchewan, and probably Calgary.

Isn't it great when people just make numbers up without putting any thought into them at all?

I'll buy that. By all accounts the rent was horrendously high. I don't know if even free rent would have ultimately made a reference, but it's a good example of how there are many fingerprints on the smoking gun.

Jeff Hunt has confirmed his involvement.

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HA. Yeah, that's the League's fault. Just as it's your fault when you hand someone a cheque, and they turn around and light it on fire.

Anyway, considering his name is "getoverit" and he's only made one post, I doubt we'll have to worry about getting his Informed Opinion again.

btw, I'm pretty sure BC doesn't have 30K season ticket holders either, and though I could be wrong I wouldn't be surprised if Edmonton didn't, either. But the point remains the same. ALL THINGS CONSIDERED Ottawa will be lucky to have 15,000 season tickets sold for their first year.

I'm getting cautiously optimistic, again. Local, respectable, rich ownership potential has just stepped forward and said, in no uncertain terms at all, they're interested. Here's hoping this one pulls through. Sounds like Lansdowne would benefit, too - and I'm sure that, in turn, would prove to the fans in Ottawa that these would-be owners are for real.

Foff and mind your own business

Some great news today in the Citizen, the group wants to spend $250 million to develop Landsdowne and renovate Frank Clair. With Jeff Hunt heading the team up, they can't fail.

This almost sounds too good to be true. Trust Ottawa City Council to screw it up.

"Once the developers' plan is fully in place, the city would get about $15 million a year in property taxes instead of losing $1.5 million on operating the park, Hunt says."

So of course, Clive Doucet is opposed to it. :roll: He claims that because it's giving away public land, the public won't stand for it. I'm sure he's had plenty of time to study this, since the news broke on Tuesday.

What could I be missing here? The Ex? You hear every year how it's about to move out. So move it already.

Farmer's market? That's why we have the Byward market.

I wonder if people like Doucet take these ridiculous positions just to see themselves quoted in the paper. If it were to remain "public", would the city continue doing the bang-up job of taking care of it that they have? I can't even grasp where he gets his point of view from.

Doucet wants a nice little park with some benches and shrubs. I guess the crack heads would love to have something like that to hang out in.

The new ownership group should start to get the PR and marketing going, including putting themselves in the public eye when and if they get their approval to proceed from the CFL and Ottawa City Council. Perhaps following Ballsille's example in Hamilton and his idea for NHL expansion there, and have people express support for the team's return by pledging a deposit for season tickets the season before an actual team is scheduled to take the field. They also need to push the city and the league to move quickly on approval, so they can get the architects and workforce into Frank Clair to replace those crumbling stands with new seating by 2009.

You make some great points. I wish there was some way we could get rid of Doucet, it's too bad that he's the spokesman for the Glebe-ites.
This proposal is a fantastic idea, let's hand Landsdowne over to this private consortium and get on with it. The sooner they re-build the stadium the sooner we get football back.

Looks like the stands are coming down soon and temporary bleachers will be put up:

Clive Doucet is a left wing idiot, as are most of Ottawa City Councillors. These guys keep saying that Landsdowne Park is such a valuable piece of real estate, but the same council is unwilling to do anything with the property and the Glebites keep crying about the activities that go on there. I say, too effen bad, they knew the stadium was there when they bought their houses in the neighbourhood. If anything, Lansdowne is the reason why their properties are so valuable to start with. That pansy idiot, Jim Watson wanted to tear the place down and put condos in to appease the babies in the GLebe. He didn't run for mayor again because he knew it was a very unpopular position to take and he was gonna get killed in the election. Council is the reason we don't have football right now because they are so anti-sports. I hate them. O'Brien is the only guy that has some type of vision, while the other guys are just interested in left wing social issues.

I'm surprised at how quickly some of this is taking place. I know the perception is usually that it take them longer just to order lunch.

The City of Ottawa will tear down the lower-south-side stands at Frank Clair Stadium, long known as the stadium's rowdiest cheering section when the city had a football team.

City council voted unanimously Wednesday to remove the stands at a cost of $1.2 million because cracks were found in the concrete late in September.

Council decided to use temporary stands, if needed, until long-term plans for the stadium are settled.

Man, that's going to be weird...

It must be all that beer we used to swill in the South Side. Who knew? Beer corrodes concrete.

Ah well. North side still $ucks.