Good News for O'Shea Haters

Rumour has it that tomorrow Mike O'Shea will be announced as the Argos new Special Teams co-ordinator, while Orlondo Steinaur will be the new DB coach.

Ah, it will be like old times sitting behind the Argo bench come Labour Day.....:slight_smile:

Welcome back guys, Argo fans missed you both!!

Awesome. All the more reason to hate those two schlubs.

Booooooooo :smiley:

Thats the way Coach!!!! :slight_smile:

Obviously... gluttons for punishment!!

Clealry the difference between a head coach with CFL experience and a HC without CFL experience. This is a smart call to bring some known faces back to the squad.

O' Sheat :thup: :thdn:

Agreed for the most part...Just not sure if a former LB is the best choice for a ST coach though.

It seems to me that both of Mike O'Shea and Orlando
will be getting their feet wet as coaches, am I wrong?

And for me, as a Tiger Cat fan, that is a good thing.

Too true, Ron. I think it's more a PR move to bring some of the fans who are fed up with the circus back on board.

I’ve never understood the OShea haters. He left for the NFL and upon his return the Argos offered him more money. Its not like he’s a Hamiltonian. Why would he even consider playing here for SUBSTANTIALLY less? He chose what was best for him. He was a great player I admired every year he played. :roll:

The blue team announced their coaching staff today and former DB coach from 08 Chip Garber is their D coordinator.

Here is Drew Edwards blog post about it:

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Linebackers play special teams and are often their most important components. O'Shea played special teams his entire career. There is no "natural" position from which ST coaches should emerge but if there was, I'd say it's LB.

We welcomed him with open arms for the 2000 season, he played well THEN HE WENT BACK TO THE BLEW TEAM AGAIN THE NEXT YEAR.


And their Co-ordinators have only a year of CFL experience each. Cool!

Gotta start somewhere! Im happy to see Mike back! He has such a Passion for the Canadian game! and knows i well like it or not! Plus its a fun rivalry!

If they announced Curly, Larry and Moe, it would be an improvement over Andrus' bunch.

An Argo-Cat fan

Good, another chance to heckle O'Shea, but I'll miss the Count Floyd jokes about Andrus' haircut.