Good news for Lumsden

Wasnt Carter injured and out for the season.

The website has posted a Game Day Preview for the pre-season game against the New York Jets on Aug 19/06 at 8:00 p.m.. It indicates that head coach Joe Gibbs will balance between giving his starters some reps and taking a close look at some of the younger players including Jesse Lumsden.

Best of luck to young Mr. Lumsden in his quest to earn a spot on the Washington Redskins roster.

Why do so many around here seem to hate Jesse?

They are jealous old losers who couldn't play football if their life depended on it, let alone discuss it intelligently.

or maybe Carter is just a better back.... could that be it?

seems to me as though Kerry Carter ahs to be on a team before Lumsden wants to try out for it.... (seahawks, redskins)

i say we sign him and lumsden will follow.

they can be our 1-2 punch and be huge ratio busters... whaddya say?

I was just breezing through the bazillion Lumsden threads on the Redskin's message boards. Seems the Redskins fans really like this video/audio highlite package of Lumsden that a Skins fan posted...

What a fantastic highlight package!

Thanks mikey.

If Jessie Dose not make it ...
Who do we cut to keep him?

Hill and Johta Will be Back..
Kojo Goes ? He Been Good on Special Teams all Year.

I Still think Trading his rights is Best Answer.
We Still Have Josh and Anthony. under Deals.
we also have Corry Kojo and Radlin..
where stacked at RB..

we could Use OL and DT or CB Help

Just an update, today in his first action as an NFL back he rushed once for 6 yards and had 1 catch for 4 against the NY football Jets.

I also saw he dropped an easy pass . Not good.

It's amazing that someone could make a 5 and half minute highlight film of one player who only played for half of one season, and it was still exciting.

I hope Lumsden can stick in the NFL, but I'm not going to lie, the Ticats would be a lot more exciting with him around.

Who knows, I might actually even watch the games again.

Kerry Carter spent two years with Seattle after coming out of Stanford. Was drafted by Montreal where maybe he'll end up next year. Washington gave him a good look the night he was injured but he had about a two yard average, not too good.
I'd class him a Sean Millington type fullback in the CFL, good speed but not quick enough to be the main RB.

I don't think Lumsden wants to play in Hamilton. Bet you he ends up in Edmonton if his dream dies in the NFL. Too much pressure here.

I just checked the stats for todays redskins game. Jesse had 1 carry for 6 yards. At least he got in the game. Wonder why only 1 carry if he was well enouph to play.

kerry carter is more experienced and more talented than lumsden, thas why carter went to a pac-10 school in the states and played bigtime football, lumsden is just overhyped cuz his dad played in the cfl and works in the sports media, and nobody wants to offend daddy. Anyways, lumsden will be back in the cfl soon, they couldnt even pronounces his name properly, and they said he was from mccaster (instead of mcmaster) this guy got no love from those broadcasters, lol.