Good news for Lumsden

Potis has a seperated shoulder, so he should be out for a while. Lumsden could be their starting running back to start the season.

check again, lumsden is hurt

Key word is 'hurt', he is not injured. He will be ready for the start of the season.

Portis Could also be back in time for the start of the season. I think the better news for lumsden is that Kerry Carter went down freeing up a spot for lumsden to stay in Washington perhaps. (I hate saying thats it's good news for athletes to be hurt)

did you just say lumsden could be the "starting running back" for the season.. um no.. they have 2 other great rb's on the roster

I hate it also, but it's a reality in this rotten business. A lot of players like Flutie, Garcia, etc, only got a chance to show their stuff from players ahead of them getting injured.

What other great backs, Carter is out for the year and I believe he was listed as their second stringer.

Ladell Betts (also banged up) and Rock Cartwright are ahead of him on the chart. However, with Carter and Portis out, he will have a great chance to showcase his talent during the next 3 games. Hopefully, he will impress enough to earn a roster spot.

I'm hoping he gets cut and comes back to play for Hamilton, gives up on his NFL dream and has a long successful career here. So, I'm selfish, so what.

It's more likely that Lumsden will make the roster but as a special teams player. The Redskins are stacked at RB even with their injuries. Fellow Canuck Kerry Carter will probably not make the cut given his severe knee injury. If he can play again at all once he's healed, he'll probably end up in Canada. NFL teams aren't going to give a marginal RB coming off a major injury much of a sniff.

An Argo fan

They can't cut a player while they're injured, or can they?

But I agree, Carter will be back in the cfl before Lumsden.

The website reports that the team released Kerry Carter today. He has received an injury settlement.

Lumsden dosnt even show on the Skins depth chart. Woodard shows third string to date.

Maybe because he's injured?

Other injured players on the depth chart.

did carter play in the cfl before he tried out in the nfl??

I am pretty sure Carter was in the NFL last year, and it was his rookie year too, he tried out for the Seahawks with Lumsden.

If Jesse dosnt show on the Skins depth chart even third string dose that make him a forth skin. :oops:

:lol: you're lucky i wasn't drinking anything because my keyboard would be ruined after that one...


I'd take Carter over Lumsden ANY day.