Good news for Bombers & Esks

Pretty sure you will both still be ranked in the top 4 of the CFL power rankings on Tuesday. :wink: :wink:

OK, that made me laugh. :lol: You're probably right.

Yes the formula needs some tweaking for next year. clap for Taleback, that was awesome...

you were not too far off... they were 5 and 6... lol....

How about bonus points in the standings if you do well in the Power Rankings? We'd have made the playoffs after all. :thup:

(Well, is it that much sillier than the NHL's loser's point?)

Hamilton went from 5th to 2nd, and BC dropped from 4th to 7th. Guess that's why Hamilton beat th.... Wait. What?

Total joke. Could do better with a set of dice or a Ouija board.