Marsh not becoming a Chief
Feb, 14 2006 - 12:50 PM

VANCOUVER/CKNW(AM980) - MOJO Sports Radio has learned that B.C. Lion defensive back Dante Marsh will not sign with the NFL’s Kansas City Chiefs.
As first reported last week on MOJO, Marsh had come to terms on a two year deal with the Chiefs.

Jason Medlock, the agent for Marsh told MOJO today that the two sides were unable to agree on the bonus money Marsh was to receive. “We ran into some difficulty as far as with his roster bonus money,� Medlock said. “Dante wants to go in a different direction and we both agreed, it was mutual, it was a mutual stalemate to go in different directions.�

Medlock said Marsh was interested in seeing a deal through with the Chiefs but if it didn’t work out, it was always interested in returning to the Lions. “He was going to look at the deal and see if it was going to be a good deal for him and it wasn’t he will stay in B.C.,� added Medlock. “I believe he was quoted in saying that. I’m not disappointed, but obviously the players make the decisions and I go out and do any job and try and get the deal done.�

The Chiefs also expressed some concern over what condition Marsh’s shoulder is in, something Medlock says will not affect a possible season with the Lions.

Medlock now says he will call Wally Buono to try and work out a long term deal with the Lions.

yup good news all milt can burn him and his buddies for another 4 tds.......

Despite the huge numbers last year put up by Milt, you still need a QB. I am not sold on Glenn to get you in the playoffs or possibly the GC.

dont sell the kid short just yet......he put up some pretty decent numbers last season and with any sort of defence whatsoever would have won afew more close ones......Im not holding my breath either......were just hoping for some improvement this season...

Glenn aside and that's a huge position where top notch quality is needed, the BB still have way too many holes. But, it begins with and I like Bery as HC and his staff especially Marshall as DC. This should bring stability, unlike Daley.

You are quick to forget the rematch. Hmmm, did the BB even score a point in that game, when Washington was back, and we played with our first string guys, hmmmm I just can't seem to remember. Maybe they might have scored 1. oh wait, that was because the BB had a punter :shock: , wich they no longer have. :wink:
Good luck next year BB :lol:

and to be back on topic, It is awesome news to hear that he will be back. YES! There is a supreme being.

and his name is MILT......god to all other CFL receivers.......

Milt is great, maybe he should have asked to be traded to lions if he wants to end his carrer playing with a team that has a chance. To bad DD will never pass a ball to him, instead Stegall will be stuck playing acrobat because Glenn can't pass.
Now if the bombers choose to play Wynn, well then you might just have a chance. :mrgreen:

While not a big Marsh fan, we'll see which Marsh returns...the new improved one, from 2005 or the bad DB from 2004. Time will tell. I'll wait and see after the first couple of games.

I would say you have mixed feelings on this one Sportsmen...I know you didn't think highly of him...but reading the story...Medlock is his agent...he probably screwed up big-time with the Nfl signing...maybe turn out good OR bad for you guys :roll:

With Medlock as his agent the Chiefs were probably like “God, I hate dealing with this guy, We should have listened to Wally” :lol: