Good News Bad News For The Cats

Monday will determine what is happening with Zach.

However, the good news for the Cats is they are in a bye week.
Could not have come at a better time.

This gives them the chance to adjust both play prep time and emotion wise.
Matthews will have the time and will be much better.

The bad news is they are playing the Stamps.

Now as a Stamps fan I have been looking fwd to this game for a long time.
This is what I hoped would be a GC preview.

If the Stamps win, I will be thrilled. Yet it would be bitter sweet as I would be wondering " what if Zach was in '

Pro sports is cruel. What happened to Zach could happen to anyone. Including Bo. Fingers crossed .

Yes be glad that Mitchell has, for the most part, been injury free since he became your starter (I know he missed a couple or 3 games last season). Zach missed 5 games last year and will probably, at best, miss the remainder of the regular season.
I too was looking forward to the Ticats/Stamps match up (my daughter lives in Calgary and is a Stamps fan!) and of course anticipating a Ticats win at home. Guess we'll see how much magic Austin and Condell can work with Mathews (likely going to start) in the next two weeks. Mathews is bright and will work hard, but there is no substitute for real game reps.

That is why I stated when the Cats had scores out of reach, Mathews should have been in getting game reps.
Not to mention the safety of Zach.
As for Zach, I always liked his scramble ability. Yet that is a risk and it has come about.
I just hope that Zach will be back.

Not just the Cats are better with him. The CFL is better with him.

Speedyb tweeted he played the game with a busted rib.

That is a mistake. Why let your opposition know your weakness?

They will just target that.

Is there a team more banged up then the Cats ?

They could fill a hospital ward with these guys.

Fantuz injury was a fluke. Not even hit. Just slipped and landed wrong.

Hope to see him and Bakari Grant back soon. That should help Mathews out.

They should trade for Kevin Glenn

Mathews is not the answer

It could be the Cats instead resurrect Masoli from the PR instead of using the two backups who were brutal.

Maybe I am wrong, but my impression is that Austin has very little confidence in Masoli. Provided that Collaros is indeed out, I would be surprised if anybody other than Matthews starts the next game.

Sask is not going to give up Glenn.

He is their only chance for some wins.

At this point in the season, the Ticats are ahead with Matthews who's spent years with Austin and Condell (and has a great arm) then they would be bringing Glenn along to run a very different offense than what Glenn has played for most of his career. Not to mention that Collaros could simply have a sprained knee and be back in four weeks with a brace.

from Drew Edwards:

    <blockquote>[b]Best case scenario: a partial tear that allows Collaros to return after sitting out anywhere from four-to-eight weeks.

Worst case scenario – and frankly, the most likely – he’s done for the year.[/b]

Ouch!!!! :frowning:

Just in time for the playoffs. :thup:

There are many who are saying that the Mathews should have been getting meaningful reps when the game was well-in-hand but how many coaches really do that except possibly later in the season? What needs to be considered too is that due to being out with injury early last season, Zach has really only played one full year in the Ticats offensive system and, in spite of excellent stats, is still being developed. The offense really didn't really get rolling consistently until about week 5 so Austin has, for the most part, left Zach in games until the end. Yes it was a risk because of the possibility of injury, especially this season when so many other pivots have gone down, and the lack of a seasoned back up, but one that Austin was obviously prepared to take.

We wanted the same thing in Montreal when AC was playing. But how do you tell the player carrying your franchise that he can’t compete for MOP honnors or hit incentives because the guy who secretly sometimes overtly wants to take his job needs to play ? It is what it is.

No team develops a backup QB until necessity forces their hand. Tate emerged because Burris was falling off. Mitchell emerged because Tate couldn't stay healthy. Lulay got his shot after years of BC futilely trying to find a QB. So now Matthews and/or Masoli will get a shot. That's how it should be.

How'd that work our for you guys on the parries?

BC ditched him after 2014, when Lulay was expected back
Ottawa cut him outright for Burris
Calgary left him unprotected during the expansion draft
Hamilton used him as trade bait
Winnipeg let him walk
Toronto didn't even buy him a plane ticket into town, nevermind let him wear a jersey.
Saskachewan let him ride the pines for three years before trading him away to Toronto

Glenn is not the answer either.

Masoli already had his shots at starting and failed miserably at them. In fact the game on Saturday was almost like re watching the game in Edmonton last season when Collaros also went out with an injury. The Cats in that game if I recall were up 24-14 in the 4th qtr with about 5 or 6 minutes to go when much like Saturdays game Masoli literally gave the game away with a fumble loss for a Edm td and also a pick 6 for a td. The Cats wound up losing that game much like the game just played.
I would rather see Mathews get another shot at starting against Calgary then Masoli. A lot of people are forgetting that Mathews was thrust into a game with a makeshift O-Line with the starting Left tackle injured and out early in the game and against an Edmonton defense that is one of the best "D's" in the league if not the best. What is lost on a lot of people also is if you look at the game stats and comparing both teams QB's that Reilly only completed 7 of 22 for a paltry 49 yds with 1 int and Mathews actually had a better day then the more savvy veteran Reilly completing 12 of 20 for 157 yds the big difference being that all 3 of his picks led to either taking pts off the board for the Cats (red zone int )or giving pts to the Esks (2 pick 6's).
I think that for a young mans first appearance as an unexpected starter due to injury to the starter that in reality although his mistakes ultimately did end up losing this game for the Cats that I think that with 2 weeks to prepare as the #1 that Mathews will be a lot better in his 2nd game and he definitely has some upside to him and things well they won't be as smooth as if Collaros was under center will not be as bad as some are predicting. If anything this injury to Collaros has now sent the East into a wild frenzied finish where anyone of the teams can get hot and win the East and also the Cup this year.

Not sure why this is even an issue.

There is no way that Sask is giving him up.

He is the guy that Sask needs to get more wins.

Collaros is officially done for the year. The GC is now wide open. Stamps, Esks , Redblacks and the Argo's( with Ray) have seen their odds improve greatly, to win the GC. Hamilton still has a good team and will still be in the mix.

Just another couple of points.

First, the good . The Stamps have no game film on him. he might surprise them.

Second , the bad . Regardless of how much prep time and game film Mathews is exposed to during the buy week, there is still no on field exposure for him. . He might make bad decisions. To bad for him he is facing the Stamp D.
He would have been better served facing a not so awesome D as that of my Stamps.

Calgary needs to worry about their offence as well. They have been struggling . I think the injuries to the Oline and the off season departures are starting to take a toll. Bo is hanging tough and will still be a threat. Especially the way Reilly played on Sat.