Good News and Good News!

The Good news is that most of our problems on the field are fixable, this time last year te problem was just a weak team, not so fixable. The other good news is that I think this is one exciting team to watch, compared to last years team.

Anyone else think so?

I'm gonna bet you won't get much agreement on this one, but thanks for posting it just the same. The team and all its players have my full support. I think we still have a core group of very talented players.

Way too early to panic...but we have to tweak some things, move some bodies around and others OUT.

Still, I'm looking at an 11 win season. How's that for half-full.

I might wants to eat my words later but I agree with you. This group has enough talent to light up any team in the league. They may or may not do it consistantly, but last year that wasn’t even a possibility.

thats what pisses me off with this team is that i know we have some amazing talent. we have a good qb, good if not really good recivers, an amazing d line and a alright secondary. i dono if we just need more time to jell or what.

You know, I never thought of it that way, but I think you’re right. I was so laid back about losing last year, because I was pretty sure we were a less-than-.500 team from the opening day (and got called a lot of names by people saying we would win the Grey Cup). This year, I was SO SO SURE that we would win 10-12 games, and keep the losses very close, that the terrible play thus far has made me absolutely crazy.

Maybe that’s why the forums are close to combusting at this point. Too high expectations.

Our Offence isn't firing on all cylinders yet, but when it does,
this team will be a force to reckon with in this league.

For a while our wins may be high scoring shootouts
because our Defence is way less experienced

but that makes them all the more exciting!

Oskee Wee Wee... Oskie Wa Wa...



what? you dont think this team has talent on it? :?

I think the potential is there for a very high scoring offence but I am worried about how long it will take to get going. I do not think the defence has improved over last year except that we may be deeper at some spots.

....ALL these comments are so reminicent of 2005 comments. Based on history, I say it looks and feels like a .500 least that what you folks are saying. The whole "lets give it a few more games....patience.....they will get better etc.... Every team gets that much better every week. WE tinker, they tinker.....we're 0 - 2 which means we are alread on a slippery slope along with 1 less team whick means EVERY point in EVERY game counts. We've got Marshall questioning the Argo's "running up the score" and patting Jamie B on the back after poor performances. Please be sensible folks. Argo's were smart to score every point possible as they matter in a tight league and patting a guy on the back is just foolish when he fails....what is this the Tim Horton kids league where "everyone's a winner" so we don't hurt anyones feelings!