good news about the Ticat playoff drive

We still play Saskatchewan twice and their offence absolutely stinks. No wonder Rider fans hate their team!

we're also through with Montreal, and seven of the remaining games are at home. We had a brutal schedule to start the year (the Als always start hot), especially for a team with so many changes. The battle for the sixth playoff spot is wide open. I still think we can make a run. But we have to start next week with a big win at home over the Bombers.

This was a tough weekend for TiCat playoff hopes. The game in Montreal should have been won, Edmonton gave Winnipeg two points and the blue team should have lost in Saskatchewan last night. The football gods were not with us this week. Maybe it's all the negative karma on this board?

I think we should start winning games instead of relying on other teams already!

My thoughts exactly

It would be great for the TiCats to go on a winning streak, however, if the other teams do as well the playoffs will be a pipe dream.

Way to early to write things off...


FACE-IT We need a new Punter if we want
to put together a string of win's!

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It wasn't the Rider offence that let them down on Saturday it was the defence and bad coaching.
The Argos have the ball on their own 5 yard line and they complete a 95 yard pass with a 3rd string QB!! Also bad coaching - with 5 minutes left the Riders elect to gamble on 3rd down instead of kicking a field goal - which would have won them the game.
Kerry Joseph brought them back with 2 late touchdowns but failed on a 2 point conversion.

KJ has killed the Ticats the past 2 years so don't get your hopes up.

KJ has killed the Ticats the past 2 years so don't get your hopes up.

Khari Jones? :lol:

Guys i know what we could do to get into the playoffs. all we have to do is follow two very simple steps:

  1. Win games
  2. To win these games, score more points that the other team

thats it!

  1. Stop the other team from scoring more points than you.