Good New PLayers With Als

To date the defense has indicated great improvement over the defence that failed in last years Grey Cup.At present the Als are leading the league in defense-the team with the least scored points against.Big improvement at defense half where Chip Cox has demonstrated the big plays blocking punts and interceptions.Pressing Cox is Clint Kent who has geat speed and coverage skills.The Als were great re the college draft picking Eienne Boulay with their second pick.To date he has excelled as a back up defensive back with great speed on special teams.Boulay played corner in college and is a comer to the first string defense team.Romero is a strong influence on the defensive line.The veterans from last year like Strickland, Butler and others are having great games.The offensive line has been great at pass blocking and opening holes for Robert EDwards who has also demonstrated good receiving on plays out of the backfield.Paul Archer the St Mary's grad has filled in well on the offensive line and Kai Ellis has been i good pick from the dispersal draft.The offensive team features great playing from both Cavillio and Edwards but dropped passes have hurt.Overall this is a contending team.

good post hassall, cant argue with that. Cox and Kent are really impressive.

My only “disapointement”, and we’ll say it really fast, is the number of dropped ball we saw this year so far. Stalla and Anderson dont have a good year, the first for the dropped ball, the second for the lack of effort(could be my perception though). Oh and dont get me started on Nealon. I respect mr Greene, but would rather see Brady start.

Considering how poorly Watkins, Stala and Anderson are playing, why is the new guy Davis on the bench? In the limited action he saw against Edmonton, he was pretty impressive -- good hands, good routes, and has speed to burn. I think our receiving corps needs a kick in the butt. Guys have gotten too complacent and started believing their own hype.

Boulay has impressed the hell out of me so far. He really plays hard in those dime situations and has the speed to keep up with top receivers.

And we still have Robert’s little bro, Terrance waiting to have his turn (all-time receiver at Georgia) !

IMHO, he should be dressed and replace 1 of the 3 you mentionned earlier, when they screw up too much.

As for Boulay, like he stated tonight on Team 990 (The Al’s this week), each week he has to perform, otherwise he will be “benched” (i.e: remember Cox was teh “hero” of 2 home games), since there so much competition on D & ST !