Good Morning CFL Fans

this is FYB coming at ya from beautiful Prince George.

What a wonderful day ay

Missed the last two games as we were on the road. Bummer that, but you can't have your cake and eat it too.

See the last two games went as expected.

No bets on the BC game. 8)

Last night williams lake. Tomorrow, Jasper. In all my almost 60 year, first week long road trip ever. Whew, sure is warm.

At least the most I will miss next weekend is 1 game, maybe.

Viva la CFL Football

Not even a nice road trip with family and wonderful in-laws takes my mind of the games.

First time driving an RV too. Its fun :rockin:

Ya all have a good time now ya hear.

Go Lions :thup: :thup:

All of that doom and gloom you were talking last month ... :expressionless: just needed to do something new to cheer you up :lol:

:cowboy: :rockin: Have a safe trip Football youbet!! 8)

thank you

thank you very much :cowboy:

sometimes we just need to take a little vacation from ourselves, even if we come back to the same crap

:cowboy: We live in the most beautiful country in the world. How charmed we are! :rockin:

and some of us even life in the best province :stuck_out_tongue:

west is best, that's why it rhymes :slight_smile:

:cowboy: Agreed. :rockin: