Good luck

Hey, just wanted to come on here and wish you guys luck today.I'm gonna be running my mouth to alot of Bomber fans today and if it happens to be you, just understand it's how we roll.Don't be afraid to chat some people up after a game either, we're brutal to you during the game but we treat you as one of our own after the game.Anyways, should be a war today and rightfully so with the implications for both teams.Here's to us playing the CFL game of the year today!

Should be a good game, we are going to need the luck without Buck at the controls

Should be and don't worry about your QB situation.Pre-season game 2 in Hamilton, Buck sucked, Jyles owned.Regular season in Hamilton, Buck sucked, got injured, Jyles owned.Don't expect anything different except Buck not being in to suck :lol:

Shoo kitty... lol!


I donno what it looked like on TV, but live it was a war.The Bombers played great and either team deserved the win.Good game boys, see you next week (figuratively of course as I will be watching from home :lol:)

This game was much more representative of what I was expecting from these 2 teams than the prior 2 games.

In the end it came down to Lapo not having any confidence in his field goal kicker. Bombers passed up at least 3 opportunities for field goals, by my count they left another 14 possible points out on the field, including the missed short ones.

Oh and I wanted to add, what the hell?There weren't that many Bomber fans at the game like there usually is.I was bored being surrounded by just Ticat fans :lol:

There you go. When you had to chance to be our embassador you failed. Don’t you think you would have enjoyed yelling at those Oski pee pee guys? :lol: Congrats to the Cats for the win. Man you guys sure got some player with Bruce.

Bruce is coming around nicely.I believe we paid a 3rd, a 5th and the rights to Corey Mace for him.Great bargain :thup: