Good luck!

It should be a great game on sunday. If we lose (likely will happen considering our list of injuries!) I hope ya go on to slap the Als around. Its the post season so its prime time for them to choke.
Also cheers to the TiCats turn around this year! :thup:

Thanks. BC's a great team and has me worried. Happy to see Winnipeg gone ... but who isn't?? They're more unlikeable then the Argos this year.

I knew Printers was a better QB then what he showed the past couple years. If he weren't playing the Cats, I'd be cheering for him.

Grims, I see on the BC forum a lot of your BC fans think our Cats are overrated. So why the pussy foot'in around on our site wishing us luck?
All I can say to you is, may the Best Cat win!!!!!!!!
Doc 8)

Easy answer, I'm not a lot of fans in BC. I'm me! The Cats are not a pushover and if you look, I picked the Cats to win. But I wouldn't complain if we won for sure.
I just wish I could be there.

Thanks Grims.. I'll take this post for what it is.... a true Good luck..... best of luck to you guys as well... just not as much as