Good luck!!!

Well on the eve of the argo/rider football game.
I wish the riders and their fans good luck.
I really mean this.
I know we have had some good battles.
I look forward to this game every year!!
This is just like a Grey cup to me.
I wish I could go to the game.It is just to long of a drive.Maybe next year!!!
T.F. puts on a great show every time I have been there!!
Who ever goes,make sure you have a cool beeer for me.
Remember this is just a game.I'm looking forward to the following days after the bet.If I lose or win, I will really enjoy it.
I love Saskatchewan and the people.
I know I have been a pain in every rider fans a$$.I know every rider fan will love it if I lose!!!This is what this site is all about.FUN!!!
Those who take it seriuosly,should be off this site.
I can't hardly wait to be called the queen!!!
I love you all!!!

And good luck to you as well

Go Riders Go
I bleed Green

That's shows alot of class...SaskArgo
I am sure ..Da rider fans will return the favor

Hey Hank,
Just remember rider fans and I have almost everything in common.
The only difference is.I cheer for the ARGOS!!!!

I know your from Saskabush...I cheer against green...

May the best team win! Good Luck!


(I love saying that! but TIGER....CATS!!! is also cool)


May the best team win everyone....

P.S. Go Riders

......can you feel the love people?.....this is the dawning of the age of aquarius, the age of aquarius, AQUARIIIUUUUUUS, AQUARIIIIUUUUUSSSS.......peace.........

and in Sasks. horrorscope I see a defeat at the hands of TO. ......GO ARGOS....... 8)

Cheers saskargo! Good luck to the Argos as well, I just hope the real Rider team shows up for this game. I'll be cheering for the Riders while watching the game on TV and then cheering for BC when I go to watch the game at Commonwealth tomorrow night. I'm hoping for a 3-way tie for 2nd after this weekend!

I sincerely hope there was a provision included whereby those fans who magically "disappear" after a Rider loss would be required to not do so this time around in the event their (and my!) team loses.....

have faith in ye riders there jm. And I don't think there was a provision just kinda an unspoken agreement. MOst if not all that are in the bet are pretty regular posters and I don't see them not coming on here just because they have to say some crap that every one knows they don't believe.
That being said I will most likely not be on here till at least Saturday late afternoon (most likely won't make it home tonight, and then going to watch the U of S huskies demolish the UBC thunderbirds tomorrow afternoon)

Good luck to all

I'm bringing a radio along on my pub crawl tonight just so I can listen to the game.

CLASSY MOVE.......all you have to worry about is , if the ARGOS continue their trend of having bad games after a long lay off. And SASK...are always tuff at home.