Good luck with that, Als.....

Bellefeuille has been named your offensive co-ordinator.....we all know how that worked for him with the Riders.....have fun with very prepared for shotgun draws up the wazoo..... :wink:

Keep in mind he was with the "RIDERS" :wink:

Yes...he was with the Riders, with Nealon Greene.....

I have to agree with jm02, sorry to hear that Als.....It was a nice playoff run while it lasted!

:wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:

Shotgun draws out the wazoo? Not like Calvillo didn't call that play about 100 times per game as it was. :roll:

I don't like this. Bellefeuille isn't the best choice. Why couldn't we sign Buratto? Matthews had wanted to hire Buratto for years, and now when he's available, we don't even LOOK at him? Arg!

...i told you guys in Montreal...Popp should take on all coaching positions...don't know about this guys hiring... :roll:

Buratto didn't want to leave the West, and considering his wife's condition, I don't blame him.

I heard that too but the Als could have at least looked outside the organization to shake things up a bit. I am willing to wait and see but it looks like the offence will be even more predictable next year.

Im betting that next year popp steps down as head coach and Im crossing my fingers on firing bellfool. it was just supposed ot be a token job for a french canadian and he managed to kill an elite receiving corps in one season. Calvillo better call every play on his own

Fact is, Bellefeuille is a good coach and will do a good job for the Als.
Watch for him to be a head coach in this league at some point.
Maybe with the Als........

He wasn't the only problem in Riderville, at the time.
Headcoach...probably not...
He's tainted with team

I'm really happy about this(as are many other Eskimo fans), as Bellefeuille was rumoured to be heading to Edmonton as OC.

Yes. We wouldn't want the 'Smos to get better next year......

If that ever happens I will cancel my season tickets and let them know exactly why Im cancelling them. The guy sucked as offensive coordinator for the riders and was very clearly the problem with the team he is in no way qualified to be a head coach.

Well, Matthews thought enough of him to hire him in the first place, and Popp thought enough of him to promote him…
I have never heard anyone on the Rider coaching staff ever say anything negative about Marcel, and personally, I thought he did a good job with the Riders.

it was supposed to be a token job for a french canadian not something he would get promoted from

So you say/think.
I suspect Don Matthews hired him because he is a good coach, and Popp promoted him because he also thinks he is a good coach. Or when the press release went out, did it say, "token frog hired"?
I checked your Als site and saw that you and a couple of other guys really, really dislike Marcel for some reason.
He is responsible for all the Als failures this year.
Maybe he sank the Titanic as well.
I guess you are entitled to your opinion.

Very well-said, Arius.

Bellefeuille led the league's best rushing attack for two years in Saskatchewan. He has a back in Edwards and an O-line more than capable of that feat in Montreal. Coupled with a much better pivot and a much more talented group of receivers than he had with the Riders, I see no reason why the man can't be successful in Montreal.

The Als were the only team to boast two 1000 yard receivers in 2006, in a year when passing yardage/production was down across the board. How that's driving the receiving corps into the ground I'll never understand.

Give the man a chance, guys. As an Als fan, I'm much more concerned with the team's sack total than I am the shape of its offence.

It wasnt officially called a token job but you could very easily tell that he got hte job based on his language. When he was hired as the receivers coach the als receivers at the time were cahoon, vaughn, stala, watkins and anderson. All five of these guys within the last two years had 1000 yards receiving. How much coaching did these guys really need? The previous year without a coach specifically for the receivers we had four 1000+ yard receivers a feat that was only accomplished by the als receivers the year before that also with no receivers coach. The thinking was that he was a french canbadian and it would be a job where he can do no harm and the team still keeps a very good public image

The first year we get a guy specifically for receivers (with one of the 5 gone in a trade) suddenly Anderson couldnt catch a deep ball to save his life, Stala could barely crack the roster, and Watkins got another case of the dropsies that he seemed to have gotten rid of at hte end of last year and barely made it to 1000 yards this year. Wow going from four 1000 yard guys to two. Even if the passing stats were down this year how does one explain huge drop off in talent in the als receivers? I blame the guy that was coaching them.

Also Berry leaving had nothing to do with it. The guy was a cheerleader for calvillo when he was with the als and nothing more. Im not saying he was/is a bad coach Im saying that when he was here Calvillo ran the offense top to bottom and Berry was there to give him a pat on the back and make him feel better after a bad play