Good luck vs. the ducks tonight.

Although I absolutely hate all things calgary:), I hope you guys win vs. ducks tonight. A 2nd round battle of alberta could possibly be one of the best playoff scenarios in years.

.......a huge boost for the NHL if the Oilers and the Flames meet in round two......and like I said in the EE forum if I were an Oiler fan I think I'd want my team facing the Flames rather than the Sharks.......Like horton and his whos, I'll put a hand to my ear tonight at eight-sih and see if I hear any peep from the north.......

Ah come on now we know all you eskie fans are closet Stamp and Flames fans! Come on out of the closet tonight and cheer on the Flames! Heck half the flames reside in Edmonton.

...not exactly... I was cheering for tampa bay hardcore when they played the flames two years ago.

nah we know esk123 you went out and bought the red jersey of the Flames you devil!

Go Ducks Go

GO Flames!!

Go any and all Canadian teams

WOOOOOOOOOOO 3-0 20 seconds remaining


stupid flamers

Well there's a nice touch of class.....

Sorry to see what happened to you guys tonight. Another BOA would have been sweet. Hope we can do all of alberta proud this year like you guys did last dance for us.

The red mile is now the dead mile....

I watched the last two peroids of game 7, and Calgary played like a team that had all the pressure on them, they were the favorites, unlike the Cup run where they had nothing to lose, and it showed. Anaheim was all over them, and Kipper looked average. The Flames also didnt show any work ethic, being beaten to pucks in both the offensive and defensive zones, it was if they were thinking if they just showed up , they woud win. The Mighty Ducks deserve full credit for the victory, they wanted it more than the Flames did.

........absolutley correct sambo.......full credit to the Ducks for playing a great series........BlueBombers, good luck against Colorado, your Ducks will be in tough against a good squad....that is assuming you are a Ducks fan and not just an ignoramous that having lost his NHL team can't abide by others having theirs........that would be sad and worthy of seeking counselling help for small man I'm hoping (for your sake) it's the former and you support your Ducks well, good luck.........but for the rest of us, Go Oilers!.....bring the cup back to Alberta!.........

just returning the favour it's the small man thing then..........good luck with that too.......

poll from the flames website

"Do you think the Calgary Flames are heading in the right direction dispite losing in the first round of the playoffs"

No 51.4%
Yes 48.6%

good fans...

poll from the jets website

(insert wavfile of lonely wind and jpeg of tumbleweed here)

The Jets probably still have more fans then the Flames...

well since the early exit anyways...

Lost all those bandwaggon fans (and there were tons)