Good luck Vernon Adams tonight

Vernon Adams Jr. has had a full week to work with the number 1 team in practice. So hopefully you got a good handle on how the receivers run their routes and the O line gives you the protection you need. Good luck to the Lions tonight and hopefully we get to see an entertaining game tonight.


Sadly, Pipkin didn't ignite much offense for the Leos. I can't see Adams being up to full speed yet, but hopefully we get a much better showing than the last couple of weeks. There's going to be quite the buzz happening if he pulls off a win. :crossed_fingers:


Yea I agree. I did hear him in and interview last week when asked if he had the playbook down, he said the playbook was not the issue but it takes 3 or 4 games to learn how the various receivers run their routes.


What the heck is going on with O'Connor I wonder? He was supposed to grab the reins here & be the man. We're told he's hurt but never was on the IR & is still on the active roster. Do they want him on the sidelines as a #3 insurance or what? Hurt enough not to start but to back-up? This baffles me (not that that takes much at times).

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On the injury report that lions put out I see on Twitter he’s listed as limited practice time only. I guess this injury is not healing as expected. Too bad I would had love to see him and Rourke running the team.


yes...good luck to VA. There is so much cloak and dagger stuff in the CFL about injuries. I read it's a groin problem for Michael O' Connor.

VA has not played much ball in the past 12 months. He's a highly emotional guy-he'll be excited no doubt.


Everyone from Montreal KNOWS that there's a really good chance that VA will lay an egg... but I'm from Winnipeg and my irrational brain tells me that VA will play just barely well enough to give BC a fighting CHANCE to steal one from Calgary tonight.


VA jr won the game in Calgary. Good for him and good for the team.

But what about O' Connor. Looks like we are not being told everything.


He’s listed on the lions injury report as limited practice time.

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apparently O’Connor is still hampered by a hamstring? issue and is only 3rd string safety valve until he’s healthy enough (per Farhan). i think he’d be ahead of Pipkin in the depth chart otherwise.

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i watched VA a lot when he was in oregon and he was excellent. he was awesome in montreal in 2019. frankly, when he’s on, he’s probably the third or fourth best QB in league, considering how poor in general the QB play is overall this year.

I’m not so sure you can point the finger at the QB position. BC had no issues until Rourke went down then O’Connor went down the very next game. Too bad I would have like to see how this Canadian QB team would have worked out. Assuming VA wasn’t a flash in the pan last week in Calgary BC is probably good to go. In Ottawa if Massoli didn’t get hurt who knows where they would be in the standings. I think in the case of Edmonton, Montreal and Hamilton instead of blaming the QB’s it is more of a case earlier on in the season the coaching staffs were to quick to jump the gun and constantly make changes. They never gave the team they started with a time to gel. In Regina I think there is a behind the scenes issue there and that’s affecting Fajardo plus every other member of the team. As far as MBT goes in Toronto he’s not the most exciting QB in the league but he’s getting the job done. In Calgary, is Bo done or is Maier the answer? Time will tell. I think a lot of the stamps issues are complacency. Same out here in Lions in the last few years of Wally’s tenure. Fans and the team got into the same old, same old routine with nothing really to look forward to as the new season started. Sorry to be so long winded, but I think in most cases the lack lustre QB situation you mention in a lot of the cases is not the position but other behind the scene issues causing the concern.

being the CFL and all, every team is always in win-it-all now mode. there just seems to be no real development of younger QBs. like Farhan says they need more of the off-season scouting and eval OTA days and more focus on futures. fans need to accept this too.

Well I agree, there’s a lot of things the clubs can do, but it seems the GM’s and coaches are in a win right now mentality and we will worry about the future down the road.

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Cal 33 Van 17

Not when Calgary has had to move their best cover LB into Judges spot in the Middle. BC has too many weapons in the pass game.

Same scores but reverse the teams.

Unless the Lions are playing the Als, I'll be rooting for Adams as long as he's under center. I loved watching him in Montreal, and still feel he got an incredibly raw deal in how he went from starter to cast aside without being given any kind of reasonable time to show what he could do, following a season-ending injury in 2021. If you call a game based on his strengths, instead of trying to make him a pocket-passer, he is as dangerous as any QB.


I think Adams will do well enough. It's not like he's a lottery ticket. He does bring some real qualities to the table. He's probably enjoying this opportunity and even having some fun. He has good teammates.

I'm sure the talk to him has been protecting the ball, trust the play, have fun and protect the ball.

I can't disagree with Farhan because I'm not against identifying & developing young quarterbacks. But I also can't exactly agree with him because, to be honest, I don't completely understand what his complaint is. Other than mentioning OTA passing camps, he doesn't really say anything specific. And I may be stupid, but exactly what shortcuts are teams taking? Is there a cloning facility somewhere that's underperforming? Are there good young quarterbacks who don't make the NFL, XFL, or other American pro football leagues working 9 to 5 somewhere because they didn't beep on the CFL radar?

Or, is the problem Twitter and the Twits that use it to put out 3 sentence blurbs that only make sense to the person typing it?

And as far as winning now, well, when should a team win?

This could probably be it's own thread.

And I'm not blaming you GridironGirl, I know you're the messenger here. :slightly_smiling_face: