Good Luck tonight Bomber fans

Well Bomber fans here it is another game. Good luck to your team tonight.

Good luck to the Stamps! Go Stamps Go!

Yay Bombers son....although i know you think T.O. is the team to beat in the east....kinda made it easy pickens with Henry sitting....although the Bombers played just hard enough to win....we'll see what the Argos have next game...will be a better test and most likely determine top spot.... :wink:

oh by the way ...guess this didn;t happen

....dream on....heh heh..

good game red. glad to see my team took my win. i would be pretty mad to see my team just accpept 3rd place like urs did today.

They had Winnipeg tonight, and they finish at B.C., and they're 5 points behind the Riders. I think they'd be hard pressed to pass Saskatchewan. Better to rest up your star QB for the playoffs.

RW)05 maybe you should change your horsey thing now to a bomb landing on the horse or something to that effect.

ya i like that idea maybe the tag line "stamps got bombed" lol