Good Luck tomorrow everybody

My sympathies to the survivors of all those who die tomorrow, never to be heard from again.

I have been lucky so far throughout all the changes. Maybe my time is due…shudder.

Nothing should go wrong, but in most cases something does, just a matter of what.


As long as the Navy and Air Force do their job we should be able to make it to our objective today .

Thanks to Sully, I made it in.

I’m in, I hate change!
Hopefully it grows on me

Got it


Nevermind, I found them, lots of them!! :smiley_cat:

I got in. :smiley:

I’m in as well but I’m not sure if I’ll stick around long with this new format . My avatar is now gone replaced by a green blob , my old signature also gone nowhere to be found and navigating this new site as opposed to the old one isn’t exactly user friendly .

Not a fan of this change at the moment to be completely honest with you .

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It was a little scary, but made it through after a few attempts.

a lot of functionality missing. Not sure if I will stick around either.

Every time I want to log in, the system doesn’t recognize my user name nor my email address. I have to «log with email», sending a link in order to be logged in.

I got in but every time I log in, it doesn’t recognize my credentials and have to get the link refreshed via email.

Still need to get used to the navigation on mobile. If I’m in the general CFL forum and then I want to go to other sports and entertainment for example, there’s no obvious place to go. Sometimes the drop down menu doesn’t appear.

Same here. Buggy, not loving it so far.

Ok getting the hang of it now. It’ll work

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Hey @mythirdname; once you’ve logged in, go to and click the button Send Password Reset Email. That’ll send you an e-mail with a link that lets you change your password which you can then use going forward (skipping the e-mail process).

Yikes! This is what the new forum looks like? It seems rather cold, and I’m not talking about weather cold. There is just something about the lack of colour. Where are the signatures? Why is everything white?

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Not crazy for it yet.I redid my password and it doesn’t seem to like it.Plus I’m wandering around like a lost pup. But I’ll give it time. And hey, there’s a like button :ok_hand:

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A downgrade to be sure, IMO. The old one was very clean and easy on the eyes. This is cluttered and uninviting, but then I usually hate it for a while whenever they change my software formats but in week or 2 I tend to forget about the old and adapt to the new, so I’m sure it will get better with familiarity.


Think the reasons for the change are “behind the scenes” … don’t know if they can/will tweak the appearance or make some of the options more self-evident … hope it is worth it.

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I’m finding it really awkward to jump around on the various forums and topics. Now that may just be me .

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I will work on this now by adding better inter-category navigation in the nav bar up top.