O.K. , I KNOW .... ARGOS SUCK... :lol:

As an ARGO fan I just wanted to THANK all of the CAT / CFL fans coming to the game today. :thup:
I hope that you all have a great time no matter who wins.

So GOOD LUCK to the CATS and my the best team win.

As a born and bred TiCats fan I have one major appreciation for the Argos and their fans, without the Argos we don’t have one of the most heated and storied rivalries in all of sports. Even though it would have been great to take first in the East, i’m very happy that this game is taking place at the Rogers Centre. Alumni stadium is just way too small for a game this significant. Thank you for your post, we are more than happy to nullify your home field advantage :wink:
Prediction: Ham 47 Tor 3 :rockin: ARGOOOOOOOOOOOOS…SUCK!!

While the Argos may suck, their fans don't (at least not necessarily). Thanks for the best wishes. It shows a lot of class from a fellow CFL fan.

:thup: :thup: