Good Luck to the Ticats in Calgary.....You can do it!

I'm not quite sure of the team's travel itinerary, in that, they either fly later today or early tomorrow. Whatever the case may be, I just wanted to wish them luck and I've got a feeling that we're in for a huge game out there. I think we're going to see the Tiger-Cats perform as we know they can and come out of Calgary with a huge win !

This trip is probably most welcome for them to get away together and come together as a team. Being stuck in Southern Ontario scheming against the Argos for three games straight and then against Don Matthews is enough to send anyone into deep depression :roll: :lol:

So, yeah, I'm looking for some serious redemption happening out at McMahon Stadium for our coaches and players and maybe all the negative stuff being written all week will disappear.

We have a great team here!....Let's get busy and show the rest of Canada that they had best take us seriously!!

It all starts Thursday night!

Oskee Wee Wee!

Go Cats Go!

Well here is a positive thread! I notice in todays paper that the Cats are working to correct the's not rocket scientist stuff....yup they need to improve! One game at a time!

A win in Calgary and that will help morale...but it will be no easy chore!

Tough schedule...short week and so many injuries! Who will be the one who steps up and makes the big plays that helps to get us the win?

Jason Goss is due for an interception and a return for a TD. :thup:

Good Luck in Calgary guys...I'll be cheering from my living room! :rockin:



Tiger Cats, now is the time to come together as a team! Play for each other, and win together!

You can do it guys!!!



Just a reminder to everyone who may not know this.....

In 1972 we lost 3 of the first 4 regular season games......then we caught fire and went on to win every remaining game of the season, the playoffs and then the Grey Cup!!!

And we've got the team this year to bounce right back also and kick some butt in a similar fashion!!


That would be nice!!!! :o :o

Also when we went to the Grey Cup from 1984 to 1986, here's how the team started each of those years:

1984: 1-6-1
1985: 1-6
1986: 1-5

So, this team does have a history of starting slowly then finishing well. Let's hope that history can repeat.

That's pretty much right in line with what I was expecting this year. Our team is stacked, but the offence is all new guys. Takes time to get used to each other but, once they are, look out..

it does have the "history" of starting slow then finishing well but over the last few years it doesnt. start slow and end lousy 2002,2003,2005,