Good luck to the Stamps....But?

Good luck to the Stampeders today, but the Riders are going to knock the bleep out of them!!!!!! The last place on earth to play a football game as an opposing team TAYLOR FIELD!!!!! Its sold out baby and SASKATCHEWAN WILL BE A ROCKIN!


battle of alberta in the playoffs!!!

Come one, come all......Its the MAIN EVENT of the weekend.

Burris is back and the sh*ts gonna fly!

I picked Riders to win but I'm sure hoping the Stamps win. I only chose the Riders cause they're playing in front of a packed Taylor Field.

I pick the STAMPS to win , because of BURRIS....and I may go 3 for 4.

CALGARY , can beat EDMONTON in the play offs.And SASK crossing over, will help the ARGOS!

21-6 Riders lead at half.
Calgary crosses over and battle of Alberta for Grey Cup!

Unrealriders wrong again. Life is good.

I can't believe Calgary never scored an offensive major and still won.
PS Deadmonton fans be nice. You might need us to win for you to host the west final. Even better, if you beat BC and Ottawa loses, the last game of the year is a nothing game for the Riders, but will mean everything to BC. How ironic would it be if Edmonton had to cheer for Sask, knowing they had nothing to play for other than helping out the Eskimos?