Good luck to the OG AngryBird Ky Hebert

Off to the Grey Cup!

As are Thorpe and Beaulieu


They are no longer Als…I don’t wish them anything more than any other non-Alouette

I make an exception for Ky. He didn’t want to play anywhere else. He’s another victim of the “Great Gazoo”

Do not think Beaulieu wanted to be traded.

I’m happy the RB are moving on regardless of who’s on their roster.

As I said under the “Save the Als? thread, not bad for an expansion franchise heading to their third GC in five years.

Meanwhile during that span the ALS have messed the bed.

Yeah that is true

They have done an amzing job, but the CFL is likely the only league in which that happens … CFL teams turnover 20-30% of their roster every year, and an expansion team is a free agency powerhouse its first couple of years as it doesn’t have as any/many long-term deals … they also got great draft terms.

As for Hebert … he wore out his welcome with me due to his endless cheap shots, and that hasn’t changed.

Ahem NHL does too … Las Vegas went to the cup the first year .

The NHL turns things around pretty much on a dime as well .

The New York Islanders went from worst to elite very fast with great success for many years early on .

Lots of other examples but I do agree with you with turning things around in the CFL fast .

It can be done in one year .

This is their fifth year and heading to the GC.
They have had turnover and have managed to do so.

Four years now the Als have not even made the playoffs never mind the GC final.

Apparently not here with the ALS. Four years and counting.

Als are special . ;D They might need more than a year .


Remind me again why our Genius GM traded JC Beaulieu for Patrick Lavoie. ::slight_smile: