Good Luck To The Mighty BC Lions!

Wally deserves it. You don't mess with Wally and live to tell about it. I have my doubts that BC can do it in Montreal, but we will see if Printers is for real. The jury is still out on that one, at least in Hamilton. I'm sure Wally will have a good gameplan and will have his troops well prepared. I just hope it's a great game and does the CFL proud. Wally should be in the Grey Cup. He's the class of the league. Go Lions Go! (because if Montreal goes to the Grey Cup, sadly, we all know how that one will turn out.) lol


Yep. Gotta agree with you on that Tiger-Cat Great!

Your defensive line is doing a good job limiting Calvillo with a great pass rush.

Thanks Martel. They don't need any help, you know. Why couldn't you fumble one against us? I hate you. lol

Printers picked off. Just as I thought. The real Casey Printers shows up. Why couldn't he do that in Hamilton last week? This game is very frustrating for Cats fans. Lions played virtually error free last week. Today, not so much. TD Montreal. Watkins. 17-3 Als. Wake up call for Casey Printers.

31-10. 6:17 Second Quarter, It's over.

Sadly, I agree. Go calgary!